Workplace Occupancy: A Way to Save Money


What is workspace occupancy?

Workplace occupancy is an innovative smart building technology that allows a business to detect what parts of a workplace environment get the most usage. It can help a company save money by finding better ways to structure resources more effectively.

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How is occupancy monitored?

Occupancy sensors are typically infrared or optical sensors that can target several types of workspace elements. Some detect usage of a desk, while others detect if people are in a specific room, floor, or another part of a workspace. Detection is anonymous in that it just detects if people are there as opposed to identifying them.

A variety of sensor systems and software exist. Some use wires, while others are wireless. Systems may connect to the cloud to upload data for monitoring by the company. Often, special dashboards provide detailed reports of workspace occupancy and utilization, allowing companies to identify trends that help with making decisions.

How can it save a business money?

A business can use workspace occupancy tools to save money in several ways. It can detect what spaces and resources have the most usage, indicating these are effective and working as planned. They can add more of these resources with confidence that it will be money well spent.

Workplace occupancy analysis can also identify underutilized areas. A business can then find more effective ways to use these resources or decide if they are truly needed. Another benefit is that they can discover how often and in what way the more expensive resources get used. By doing this, a business can find out how to get the maximum value from these resources by optimizing usage patterns.

By enabling effective management of space and resources, workplace occupancy tools help a business find ways to become more efficient. These methods help them save money and increase productivity of the agile environment over time.

In reality, Komstadt Systems is working on the occupancy management for companies across the Asia region in these years, it shows that the demand of the solution is increasing and this helps companies to have a better planning for their office space with solid data backup. To know more about how we help the companies, please feel free to sign up for a consultation here! Our professionals are more than happy to answer all your questions!

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