6 Cybersecurity Trends To Look Out For In 2022

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The past two years have seen a rapid rise in digital transformation following the disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Consequently, governments and organizations have become more vulnerable to cyber attacks. There have been multiple reports of network attacks, resulting in data privacy breaches that expose confidential details about companies, staff and customers.

Digital security concerns continue to increase, and companies are obliged to keep a close watch on cybersecurity trends. This article focuses on the top trends to look out for in 2022.

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Ransomware Plays a Huge Role in Cyber Attacks

In 2021, the ransomware attack on the Colonial Pipeline was among the biggest headlines on cybersecurity. Experts believe that ransomware attacks are likely to return in 2022 and threaten organizational networks across the world. The ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) development is one of the approaches that will help to lower the barrier to entry for cybercriminals. Businesses need to be familiar with ransomware in 2022.

Mobile Devices are Vectors of Cyber Attacks

Many users connect to online platforms and e-commerce centres through their mobile devices. In response, cybercriminals target these users by attacking their mobile devices. For instance, 93 of the attempted mobile transactions in 2019 were fraudulent. The trend is expected to continue challenging cybersecurity experts and businesses in 2022.

A Cybercrime Wave in Healthcare Organizations

Another sector that hackers are increasingly targeting is the health care industry. For many years, the industry has been struggling to come up with effective cybersecurity practices. The adoption of hard-to-secure IoT devices and the growing value of patient data make this field a target for criminals.

Recently, the health care administration service providers have been offering cybersecurity training programs to organizations and health care professionals. As hackers target this industry more in 2022, cybersecurity will be critical in protecting organizations’ networks and patient data.

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High Malicious Attacks on the Supply Chain

Logistic operations have been a target for hackers, and supply chain attacks have been on the rise. Adopting logistics management solutions and the new smart devices encourages hackers to target the supply chain more often. Experts predict that in 2022, the supply chain industry will see an uptick in cybercrime headlines.

 Successful attacks are likely to result in significant disruptions in supply chains across the globe. This would slow deliveries and make it difficult to source raw materials.

5G Creates Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities

With the 5G rollout, most businesses can now access the latest iteration of cellular network technology. This technology’s faster connectivity and improved speed may increase the adoption of solutions that rely on cellular networks other than Wi-Fi. This shift is likely to yield digital security implications. For instance, the use of IoT devices is difficult to secure, despite the efforts made in the past years.  

Expanding business security with smart sensors and monitors may also result in cybersecurity challenges. To keep the networks safe, businesses planning to leverage 5G in 2022 should develop new cybersecurity strategies.

Social Engineering and Phishing Remain Major Challenges

In 2022, attacks like phishing, which rely on social engineering, may continue to create business challenges. Employees who cannot detect a phish may leave networks open to hackers. Investment in anti-phish systems and business-wide training will help organizations educate their employees on cybersecurity practices to reduce such attacks.

The growing value of data and new business practices will transform the cybersecurity landscape. Organizations should prepare for intensifying digital security threats in 2022. With the right practices and strategies, it is possible to limit the effectiveness of cyber attacks on businesses’ networks. 

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