How Occupancy Management Can Help Multinational Corporation Save Cost

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In previous blog post, we talked about 3 key benefits of studying workplace utilization. To recap the points with a sentence: When people understand about how employees use the space, management can have a better future planning to improve current operations. But how to collect these data? Is there any solutions helping us?

Occupancy management is a great tool to assist companies understanding important characteristics and behaviors of the employees in a workplace and allocating the best balance of space for them to perform their work.

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What exact information can Occupancy Management provide to users? Here are some examples:

Floor Occupancy Information

Over the past several years, the daily job requirements of many employees have changed substantially. They have shifted to take on jobs that require more movement throughout the office and a higher volume of skills overall. This has led to unused or underutilized workstations throughout many facilities. Workstation occupancy status allows you to monitor the workstation use, so when unused or underutilized workstations are found, it is possible to do some changes or tweaks to improve workplace efficiency. Workplace can be also transformed to training area, play room or even fitness corner to create a work-life-balance working environment.

Room Management

If you have ever found yourself struggling to find an unused room in your facility for a quick meeting or a training session, you will understand how monitoring booking and cancellation throughout your facility can transform your ability to make the most of your existing space. Not only will your monitoring allow you to view the rooms that are currently in use at a glance, a workplace utilization study will help to determine exactly how rooms throughout your facility are used on a regular basis. This will give you a better idea of how many rooms are actually used, which conference rooms are preferred by employees, and how you can transform the space to better meet the needs of employees in an enterprise.

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