Meeting Room Booking Made Easy With Groompad


SharingCloud’s Groompad is a 43″ or 55″ touch screen that can easily be installed in the lobby of your building or near an elevator. Groompad integrates with Instant Suite and allows employees and visitors to easily find where they need to be, book meeting rooms, or become notified of specific issues or alerts.

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One of the Groompad’s greatest features is it’s ability to easily book rooms with just a few touches. Check out these three ways that Groompad can help your organization with room booking:

Room Booking Transparency

Instant Booking or Roompad allows for employees as well as visitors to quickly claim a space for a specific timeframe, meaning that no overlap or confusion will occur between two different meetings. These spaces can also be booked via your office’s current mail software like Outlook, Notes or Google Cal. An optional contactless reader makes booking even safer and easier.

Find Rooms Easily

With a full map display of the office space, it’s easy for visitors to find the rooms they’re looking for. With the simplicity and ease of the available interactive 3D maps settings, this feature should ensure that no one is late to their meeting due to confusion about location. Even first-time visitors to the office should be able to find their way around the space with ease.

Inform Employees or Visitors

The Groompad’s display can easily turn into a notification or alert that allows employees and visitors the knowledge of happenings in the office, including meeting cancellations or last second room changes. These notifications can happen in real-time, meaning no one should be caught unaware of a change in meeting room or removal of a meeting from the calendar.

Groompad is a welcome addition and new technologies to SharingCloud’s lineup of products that make it easier for offices to run efficiently, with fewer hiccups in meeting and event space.

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