Importance of AV Over IP


The AV over IP is a concept that has been there, but many people may not realize. Some individuals are not aware it is possible to transport High Definition video signals and audio using your business or home. AV over IP is a growing technology, and there are various reasons why you should not ignore it.

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Understanding the Concept of AV Over IP

You may have heard of terms like Networked AV, HDMI over IP and Video over IP. They all have the same meaning. AV over IP stands for Audio-Visual over Internet Protocol. What this means is that you can use a network like internet and Ethernet for switching and transmitting control signals and audio-visual data. There is an increasing adoption of this technology in the IT and AV industry. Today you can quickly send AV streams over IP switches because of the advancement of AV hardware.

Why you should Consider AV Over IP than the Alternative

You should first comprehend the technology used in AV infrastructures to know the reasons to consider AV over IP than the alternative. The AV spaces contain excellent products when it comes to the preservation of maximum resolution of images. They also reserve sound quality and frame rates. They have a friendly user interface, and the control system is easy to use.

In most cases, the products come from various manufacturers. They should be integrated to communicate. Some of the signals which you may deal with are VGA, DVI, DisplayPort and HDMI among others. The systems may contain products like video walls, AV scalers, extenders, and matrix switchers.

The main difference between the traditional AV system and AV over IP is that audio and video travels through a series of components of AV. The cables are not based on circuits but packets. With this technology, you do not have to place receivers at every device.

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