Logitech Sight: Transform Hybrid Meetings Into An Immersive Experience

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Advancements in technology have transformed the meeting landscape. Participants no longer have to be present in the meeting room. In fact, hybrid meetings are becoming increasingly popular, with people coming together worldwide via conferencing technology. However, nothing is more frustrating than being in a high-stakes meeting with your team or, worse, your client and having a subpar setup. This leads to the big question, “How can you create a high-quality, immersive meeting environment that allows all participants to feel as if they are in the same room, even if they are thousands of miles apart?” Komstadt is excited to offer the solution – Logitech Sight. 

What is Logitech Sight? 

Logitech Sight is the perfect tabletop companion camera for your main meeting camera. The main camera can only offer a front or center view, each with limitations. Neither perspective alone can maintain a head-on view when an individual turns toward someone to speak, as naturally happens in meetings. If someone leans forward or shifts in their seat, other participants may be blocked from the camera’s view. This creates a low-quality experience for remote participants.  

Both of these problems are solved with Logitech Sight because it offers a versatile front-and-center view. Using AI and adaptive intelligence, Sight is able to work with your main camera to choose and display the best view. This allows the meeting to flow seamlessly between in-person and remote attendees by providing consistent front-facing views of in-person interactions. 

Sight Features

Logitech Sight is designed for medium to large spaces and is jam-packed with state-of-the-art meeting features, including: 

  • Dual 4K cameras that provide a 315-degree field of view
  • Crystal clear audio and speakers with automatic speaker detection that can capture audio up to 2.3 meters away
  • Smart switching – the ability to identify the best view between the cameras 
  • 7 beamforming mics with the ability to mute individual mics
  • Indicator lights
  • Privacy shade
  • Easy controls

Easy Integration Capabilities

Sight is designed to work with your preferred platform. It integrates seamlessly with today’s leading video conferencing platforms, including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Workspace. 

Fast and Simple Install

Installing and using Sight could not get any easier. There are three types of installs to choose from, and Sight comes with the necessary mounts. 

  1. Table Mount – Simply use the base plate and micro-suction lining to keep Sight in place. This does not require any permanent mounting, meaning Sight can easily be moved from one meeting room to another. 
  2. Tripod Mount – Set Sight on a tripod stand with the included mount. This option works great for meeting rooms with U or V-shaped tables.
  3. Grommet Mount – Use the included mount and grommet hole to hide cables and secure Sight to the table.

Gain Useful Insights

Use Logitech Sync to easily manage Sight and gain useful insights to continually improve the meeting experience from one central platform. Capabilities include:

  • Deploy updates
  • Monitor room health
  • Modify settings
  • Retrieve insights that allow you to see how effectively meeting spaces are utilized.

One-Stop Workplace Technologies Provider

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