Moving Office with Workplace2GO – fast, flexible and cost-effective

Having an office staying at the same location for years does not fit most businesses now. To stay competitive at the new hybrid and work-from-home working style, nowadays the workplace does not only need to be close to clients, but also have to be convenient and close to employees’ and stakeholder’s home.

Some may find office relocation a daunting process, but with the Workplace2GO solution, it could be fast and flexible, saving much time and effort as well as being cost-effective.

Why is Workplace2GO fast?

Workplace2GO solution follows a Zero-Construction strategy which allows the workplace to be deployed at a much faster rate. 

Compared to typical 3 to 4 months timeframes, Workplace2GO only takes less than 2 months to complete

With Zero-Construction, the lengthy design and construction approval process is eliminated. It also saves a lot of reinstatement time and costs when you return the office space to the landlord as there is no construction of the space to begin with.

How flexible is Workplace2GO?

The Workplace2GO solution is flexible in two ways:

  • Flexible Collaborative Elements
    The Workplace2GO solution consists of Smart Booths, Hot-Desks, and Collaborative Furniture to form the core elements of a workplace. The collaborative setup is flexible and can be adjusted to fit any office space, size, and form.
  • Smart Office Technology: Utilization Monitoring
    A full suite of Smart Technologies is integrated, including Remote Access Control, Desk & Room Booking, Occupancy Sensing, and a Dashboard Software that consolidates data and generates analytic summaries. If the data indicates that the current office utilization rate is below ideal, the workplace can be considered for relocation or restructuring.

How Cost-Effective is Workplace2GO?

Compared to traditional office renovation and fit outs which required services from architects, project managers, and construction; with the Workplace2GO solution, a minimum of 50 – 60% of costs can be saved.

With Smart Space Management utilization monitoring enabled by integrated smart office technology, office space utilization rate will improve, while redundant office space can be cut and so can the rent.

No more hassle with office relocation. Start saving money, effort and time with Workplace2GO. Contact us for a free consultation today.




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