Poly Studio X30 VS. X50: Which is better and Why?

Poly Studio X30 VS. X50: Which is better and Why?

Why Video Conference System Is So Important For The Meetings?

Video Conference System brings disparate team members together to share and discuss ideas. It helps people to facilitate communication and establish relationships no matter their location is. During a video conference experience,  you are able to see the body language and facial expressions of the participants, it makes you have a better understanding of what the people is trying to express.

How Can Poly Studio Family Benefit Your Video Conference Experience?

There are tons of video conference systems in the market for setting up a smart conference room. Recently, Poly has launched the most eye-catching series to have Poly Studio X30 and Studio X50 to benefit the video conferencing environment with high quality.

Poly Studio X30 and X50 do not require an external Mac or PC that to simplify the video conferencing experience. The new device range allows users to deploy Zoom Rooms in meeting spaces of all sizes, from board rooms to huddle rooms, with the enterprise-grade quality.

Let’s explore more about the differences of product nature and function between these two systems. This blog should help all of you to choose the most suitable systems for upgrading your meeting room.

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Advantages of Poly Studio X Series

Poly Studio X Series

This X Series devices feature a touch interface and integrated controls for running either Poly’s traditional video application or Zoom Rooms natively. It is no need for a gateway for connecting into the cloud video service or a USB-connected peripheral running the Zoom video application.

As for their AI capabilities, the X30 and X50 have advanced noise suppression that blocks out noises other than the human voice, while simultaneously blocking the typing or pen clicking that often occurs during meetings as well as video production rules that refine the facial views for remote users automatically. 

Both Poly Studio X models can sit, stand, or be mounted on wall or TV, with downward-facing connection ports making installation easy and quick for anyone. To make it even easier to install and use.

Differences between Poly Studio X30 and Poly Studio X50


What Is The Features of Poly Studio X30?

The Poly Studio X30 is an all-in-one video bar for huddle and small rooms. It’s radically simple to use with support for leading cloud video services built right in—no PC or Mac required. Voices are crisp and clear. And wireless content sharing lets users collaborate from their devices without the need for cables or pucks.

It is designed mainly with smaller rooms in mind. Poly X30 has a recommended number of participants as 6, maximum number of speakers should be one because it was designed for smaller rooms. For Poly X30 the camera zoom is 4X, it only supports one monitor and it’s a little bit cheaper compared to Poly X50.

What Is The Features of Poly Studio X50?

The Poly Studio X50 video bar delivers radical simplicity in a small, elegant package. In small to medium sized rooms, connect easily with whatever video collaboration software you may use. Experience full boardroom-quality audio, advanced camera capabilities, and quick wireless content—all in one sleek video bar. You can forget about the unnecessary pucks, cords, and cables, along with the PC or Mac to drive the meeting, since the Poly Video OS runs the show.

Poly X50 was created to be used in bigger conference rooms. The recommended number of participants for Poly X50 is up to 10 and two speakers are allowed. Poly X50 can support two monitors at the same time also Poly X50 has a camera zoom in of 5X and it’s a bit expensive compared to Poly X30. It surrounds everyone with the rich, legendary sound with stereo speakers that deliver immersive, room-filling audio.

Any Intuitive Touch Interface For Poly Studio X family?

Poly TC8 Intuitive Touch Interface

Poly TC8 intuitive touch interface

Poly also announced the new Poly TC8 intuitive touch interface that offers a native Zoom Rooms interface, high-performance, and a single power-over-ethernet cable, so there is no need to stretch cables or cords across tables to connect to the video bar.

Poly TC8 provides easy access to Poly video conferencing solutions when you are using Poly Studio X family and Poly G7500. The sleek design features an 8” high-resolution touch display to ensure that the control options are clear and accessible. A single cable carries both power and data to reduce clutter. 


Why Poly Studio X30 Makes a Huge Impact On The Small Meetings_

Advantages of Poly TC8?

  1. Integrated calendar for one touch to join a call
  2. Easily share content, adjust the camera, and change participant layouts
  3. Compatible with Poly Studio X family and Poly G7500

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Consider applying new technologies in the conference rooms and see the benefits they bring. Also check to buy Poly Studio X30 and Studio X50, since there might be imitators always check for manufactures label in order to understand how to operate those bars effectively, with this you can be sure to hold conference meetings with ease.

Komstadt Systems understands how important collaboration is to your business. We are here to help you with all of your video conferencing and communication needs to ensure you get the most out of both client relationships and effective collaborations. Contact us today for more professional solutions on how we can take your video conferencing capabilities to the advance level.

This post was published on Nov 29, 2019 and was most recently updated on June 19, 2020.

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