AV Solution: 3 Reasons Why Your Office Needs Crestron NVX Series

crestron nvx series with office background

For any office, finding the right digital media equipment for its audio visual needs is often difficult – especially in a market where options are far and vast. Wading through different systems may seem overwhelming, but with a little research, it is clear to see which ones stand out.

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One of the best systems currently on the market is Crestron’s NVX Series. A sleek, sophisticated, and most importantly secure option. The Creston NVX Series is the right fit for an office of any size. Here are just a few reasons why it might be the right solution for your office or any conference room design:


1) A reliable network AV solution

This system is a fully-engineered network AV solution with end-to-end management. Field experience is an added plus point for this. It provides a solution that mixes 4K60 HD BaseT®, 4K60 Fiber, H.264 and DM NVX. If you are looking for an easy way to manage and distribute AV content digitally, this would be a good choice to pick.

2) Perfect transition to the IT space

Trying to bring office equipment to a new digital age is often tough, especially when the technology is out of date. Fortunately, this problem doesn’t exist with this system – it has given you a scalable software-defined matrix, from a simple point-to-point setup, to thousands of endpoints. If you equip with the DM NVX Encoders/Decoders, you can do any scale of matrix you desire.

3) Easy to manage

Its ease of management, coupled with its integration with overall office IT infrastructure makes such a good system to have it in place for long-term AV needs, and for offices of any size. It is easy to plug in and go, and supports a wide variety of content along different needs – its diversity is its greatest strength when it comes to displaying content.

In conclusion, Crestron NVX Series is one of the best audio visual solutions in 2017, it is a great system for offices looking to intergrate their equipment and provide a seamless IT experience.

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