An Overview of Cisco Spark Board: 3 Reasons Why You Need It Today


For any business, whether large or small, it is imperative to have systems in place that ease the flow of communication, and streamline processes. Trying to find such a system is often deemed time-consuming, but the short-term investment is definitely worth the long-term returns. Systems such as Cisco Spark Board are designed to help businesses communicate faster and more efficiently, without any bottlenecks.

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What Exactly Is Cisco Spark?

The product is described as an “app-centric cloud-based service that provides a complete collaboration suite for teams to create, meet, message, call, whiteboard, and share, regardless of whether they are together or apart; in one continuous workstream before, during, and after meetings.”

Simply put, it is designed to help teams collaborate and share seamlessly, in a secure environment. The Cisco Spark enables teams to meet, message and call all within one system rather than setting up different infrastructures to support these tasks – especially if teams work remotely or in different locations.

Core Benefits of Cisco Spark

The seamlessness is definitely one of the major selling points of the system, especially since it enables a faster flow of communication among teams without any hindrances.

1) Meetings are easier

In one continuous workstream, members are able to create, communicate and collaborate, even while working on different devices. For teams in different locations, or even if everyone is at their desk, this is a simple solution that enables everyone to join the meeting in ways they find most convenient.

2) Messaging capabilities

Cisco Spark also allows for members to exchange messages, as well as file-sharing with one another. This is a great feature for faster and efficient communication, without needing to sacrifice functionality.

Plus, the feature is not limited to just messaging company members. Customers, partners and other colleagues can be messaged through the system as long as an email address is provided.

3) Calling made easier

With a cloud-based phone system, calling is another function made easier. Any other Cisco Spark using employee can be called through the system, as well as land lines and mobiles.

Users are also able to make and receive calls from phones that are connected to Cisco Spark in the office, and also through the Cisco Spark app which is available for both mobile and desktop.

Ultimately, Cisco Spark’s versatile nature and cross-functionality makes it a good option for businesses of any size. Its features are designed to make communication easier for businesses, and it also provides multiple options for usage.

Whether it is used through an app on the phone, or at a desktop in the office, the Cisco Spark provides resources to make communication as agile as possible.

With such advanced solution in the conference room, you may also need to think about how to design and build your conference room smarter. Download the guide below for more insight!

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