Cisco Acano: A Collaboration Platform You Need to Be Using

Cisco AcanoCollaboration is generally a fundamental cornerstone of business. Efficient and productive collaboration is what keeps an organization thriving, but it is often hindered because employees do not have the right software to make the process more streamlined.

Finding a collaboration software that fits with your organization’s unique needs may seem like an overwhelming project, but it will ultimately reap huge rewards for both employees and the organization as a whole. One software to consider in this space is Cisco’s Acano.

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What Exactly Is Acano?

Acano’s goal is to provide “on-premises and cloud-based video infrastructure and collaboration software.” for businesses. The software aims to provide a reliable and enduring infrastructure of collaboration software that is accessible across multiple platforms and devices.

Acano is a great way for businesses to streamline communication while still encouraging employee collaboration. Cisco’s aim is to have users “be able to connect into those rooms easily from any device or endpoint they have today” by implementing systems such as Acano.

Core Benefits of Acano

1) Cost-effective

The Acano platform is designed to provide functionality without breaking budget. Whether deployed as a standalone, or as middleware, it will still be a cost-effective solution for audio and video conference bridging. It also provides interoperability through its support of Skype/Lync along with browser access across devices.

2) Increased Efficiency

Through its design of coSpace, a virtual meeting room, Acano is designed to maximize efficiency. Members are able to join at any time, with whatever device they choose. Moreover, coSpaces are always available and thus do need reservations of any kind, nor is there a limit to the number created. Organizations are able to create rooms as needed for different projects and initiatives, without clogging up email inboxes and systems.

3) Seamless integration

At its core, Acano offers seamless integration. It is able to support all major video standard, as well as providing “seamless and automatic mixing of transcoding and switched/layered video.” It is also able to support various audio ports, codecs and integrated IVR. No matter the devices being used, Acano works to utilize existing resources to create optimal user experience.

Acano’s simple design and multi-faceted provisions make it an excellent platform for streamlined communication. At its heart, it is able to create a collaboration experience across an organization that works with existing resources, and is ultimately much easier to use.

Its ability to support multiple functionalities and still provide agility and speed makes it a worthwhile platform to consider.

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