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hosted-services-1600x800.jpgThe Cisco Umbrella is one of the latest innovations by Cisco within the cybersecurity realm. According to Cisco, it is a cloud-based security platform that provides the “first line of defense” when it comes to the growing number of internet threats users are faced with on a consistent basis now. With this system, you can rest assured that your IT infrastructure is safeguarded against growing cybersecurity threats that continue to arise.

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So, How Does It Work?

The Umbrella is cloud-based and uses the internet’s own infrastructure to block malicious sites before a connection even has a chance to establish.

Cisco lays out the security process behind the Umbrella as a three-pronged approach:

  • DNS and IP layer enforcement: DNS is used to stop threats across ports and protocols throughout, even before they have a chance to reach an endpoint or network
  • Intelligent proxy: Rather than blanket proxying, Umbrella uses a deeper URL and file inspection. This allows for full protection without hampering performance or speed.
  • Command & control callback blocking: Even if other devices are infected, Umbrella continues its protective efforts – especially when it comes to preventing connection to attacker’s servers in ransomware and data hostage situations.

But Why Do We Need It?

As mentioned earlier, the Umbrella is a cloud-based system, so no clunky hardware to deal with it luckily. The other benefits associated with cloud-based security is that it is the best way to operate with efficiency when it comes to costs, while still having strong measures for security in place.

Internet threats are becoming increasingly hard to spot, but their level of sophistication continues to grow, which can make these threats deadly for businesses – no matter their size.

The best way to prevent these threats is to invest in cybersecurity software that is able to protect your IT assets without incurring high maintenance costs. In that regard, the Cisco Umbrella is a cost-effective solution that provides full levels of protection.

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