How InFocus’ New BYOD-Capable Projectors Streamline Business Meetings


Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is increasingly common as a supplemental or even primary enterprise device policy. BYOD cuts down on training to have employees work on devices they already own and are familiar with, and helps keep costs under control.

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How BYOD Practices Streamline Meetings

The major benefit of BYOD is in how it cuts out some of the legwork from meetings. When employees bring their own fully-prepared devices to the conference room, there is little to no time spent on setting up unfamiliar hardware and software.

BYOD is also a boon for businesses that collaborate with outside entities on a regular basis. Rather than spending valuable time working out compatibility with internal IT practices, or training outsiders to use the available hardware, visitors instead present what they have in with the tech they’re familiar and comfortable with.

InFocus’ New BYOD-Capable Projectors Fill In the Gap

For BYOD to work for meetings, there are two options: having presenters bring their own hardware in addition to their PC or mobile device, so that their content can be shared with the entire conference room.

Or, businesses can provide hardware that provides the kind of broad compatibility that makes it a simple plug-and-play process to serve content from a BYOD device into a projector that provides the full audio/visual experience presentations call for.

For large meeting room spaces, the InFocus IN130 and IN130ST series projectors have the long lamp life and incredible compatibility to ensure no hiccups as presenters serve up content from their BYOD devices. These devices project a sharp image with limited latency, designed for up to 100 inches.

And for smaller meeting spaces, such as huddle rooms, the IN2130 series are designed to match up to the task. The built-in 10 watt speaker full handles sound on its own, while the 4,500 lumens lamp provides the perfect level of brightness for easy image viewing in tighter spaces.

All of these new InFocus projectors include a powered port, which is immediately compatible with all of the latest high-resolution and 3D-supported HDMI devices, such as:

  • Google Chromecast
  • Intel Computer Stick
  • InFocus SimpleShare
  • Asus Chromebit
  • Amazon Fire TV Stick
  • Android TV Stick

If a device supports the latest HDMI 1.4a standard or below, the IN130, IN130ST and IN2130 series projectors will serve up perfect audio and visuals by simply plugging in.

The BYOD revolution in meeting spaces needs only a bridge between personal devices and presenting content to a crowd of employees. The new InFocus projectors are the simplest and most reliable hardware options to handle this task.

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