SHS Series from AtlasIED: Hidden Speakers for Your Business


The key to doing good business is the capability of good communication. We at Komstadt Systems Limited believe in providing top of the line, modern tools for your business to thrive. This is why we are recommending the Strategically Hidden Speaker (SHS) Series from AtlasIED. Here are a few reasons why this speaker is perfect for your conference room.

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Sleek and Discreet

The SHS Series from AtlasIED is subtle, almost to a point where your team won’t realize it’s there. The modern design doesn’t use a traditional ceiling grill to simply cover it or match the wall but instead has the potential to add to the aesthetic that already exists in the room. The driver is strategically hidden behind the 3″ protruding Adaptive Dispersion Lens. The AtlasIED DesignLab is even able to match the texture of your existing ceiling to ensure a practically invisible addition.

Incredible Quality

This unique design does not only add to the ambiance of your room but also provides a wide range of audio coverage.  AtlasIED states that the design includes a “robust, two-way driver” that provides “high definition sound as the sound exits the waveguide”. They claim that “the acoustic result is frequencies are radiated evenly and annoying ‘hot spots’ are minimized”. This loudspeaker’s technology can cover a large area with audio, so it is perfect for a variety of needs.


Easy Installation

Along with a great look and amazing quality, this system is incredibly easy to install into multiple ceiling types. AtlasIED outlines it simply on their website, “Just drill a three-inch hole into the ceiling tile, set the product through the hole, and snap on the micro diffuser. The SHS has expandable tile rail arms. Simply pull to retract the arms, and you’re done. No rail screws required for installation in a drop tile ceiling”. This simple installation process won’t take too much time away from your workday.

Komstadt Systems believes this loudspeaker enhances communication and collaboration and would be a great addition to your office. If you have any other questions, please reach out to us, we’re happy to help.  We’re passionate about creating efficient and productive workspaces, check out what else we offer for your conference room needs.

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