4 Ways Hackers are Finding Your Organization’s Weaknesses


Malware is constantly evolving. You’re constantly aware of the potential for an attack on your organization and the potential ramifications, but how is it, exactly, that hackers are finding their way in? By deepening your understanding of how hackers monitor your organization for weaknesses, you can improve your ability to respond to potential threats and increase the odds that you’ll be able to eliminate those holes before they cause serious problems for your business. 

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Strategy 1: Supply Chain Attacks

Many hackers recognize that businesses take as many steps as possible to eliminate threats within their own networks, but they often leave vulnerabilities in unexpected places. One common strategy is to use a supply chain attack–that is, to send in virus software through an automatic update or other scheduled task that users are expecting. Your company won’t view them as a threat, but it can cause serious damage.

Strategy 2: Free Software

You’ve found a great free solution for software that your business needs. If it seems too good to be true, however, odds are, it is! If you’ve found a free software download for your business, make sure it’s from a legitimate source and that it’s well-protected. That so-called free software can cause serious problems for your business if you end up bringing malware along with it.

Strategy 3: Social Engineering

People remain the weakest link in your organization. They may create passwords that are too simple or used across multiple platforms, click on unsafe links, or even unknowingly fall prey to a social engineering trap over the phone. By preparing your employees to avoid those types of attacks, you can provide a larger layer of protection for your business or enterprise.

Strategy 4: Buffer Overflow

Your online forms are a great source of information, but they can also be a back door into your systems. Hackers often flood these forms with unexpected amounts of information, leaving your system struggling to handle the load–and, as a result, breaking into the system at the same time. By protecting these access points, you can improve your organization’s security substantially.

By understanding how hackers work, you can create stronger layers of protection around your organization as a whole. These simple strategies are only some of the ways that people break into your system.

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