Improving your Network Security: Building Immunity to Ransomware

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Recent widespread ransomware digital attacks have spread awareness for this malicious software. With more than 200,000 computers successfully attacked, the “WannaCry” ransomware attack of 2017 caused a number of critical systemic failures, affecting hospitals and government agencies worldwide.

What is “Ransomware”?

The malicious software known as ransomware effectively locks away the files on the target network’s computers. It does so by encrypting the data stored on network hard drives and “hiding the key,” or withholding the encryption key from the victims.

If the targeted organization cooperates and pays the ransom (with Bitcoin, in the case of the recent “WannaCry” attack), the encryption key will be given to the victims and allow the targeted organization to restore its data.


Who is Most Vulnerable?

A closer look at the recent ransomware attacks shows us that the most vulnerable organizations are those with isolated, in-house data storage. Without regular cloud-based backups, organizations such as hospitals were affected most by the attack. The resulting loss of access to medical records was disastrous for some.

We can see that any network without a routine third-party cloud-based backup protocol is most vulnerable to these types of malware attacks.


How to Protect Your Network

An effective backup system like a immunity using smart office technology is the simplest way to immunize your business to these attacks.

In a worst-case scenario, your network will be overtaken by ransomware. In this case, the fix will be fast and simple. Simply wipe the network clean and restore the most recent backup. You will bypass the ransomware and restore your network and all of its files immediately without paying any ransom.

Find a way to regularly back up your network files and you can rest assured that your network is immune to ransomware attacks!

Building the immunity to prevent ransomware may need relocation, feel free to download the Move Contingencies Guide for more insights!




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