Office design – “Smart” is the Keyword for 2018 Internet Tech Trends


Brace yourself for the year of the Internet of Things, because 2018 promises to be all about smart technology. From cars to kitchen appliances, almost nothing escapes the reaches of this phenomenon. Keep your finger on the pulse of this one, it’s growing by the day, and you don’t want to fall behind.

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What exactly the IoT is?

Business Insider defines the Internet of Things (IoT), as “A network of internet-connected objects able to collect and exchange data using embedded sensors.” Basically, it’s all your electronic stuff that connects to Wifi or a cellular service and can “talk” to other devices without you telling it to do so. This includes your computer, smartphone, smart-watch, activity tracker, and car, all of which make up just a tiny sample of the ever-growing list of IoT objects. 

How big of a deal is IoT, anyway?

BI Intelligence tells us to expect 24 Billion IoT in existence by 2020. To make that a little easier to wrap your head around, that means every person on earth will own about four devices. It’s safe to say that nearly everything eventually goes “smart”: heating and cooling systems, offices, conference rooms, or even hot desking management.

IoT has become such a pivotal part of modern culture that it’s likely a major part of your daily life. Do you use GPS to get from place to place? How about a wearable fitness tracker? Maybe you have a smart TV, thermostat, or voice controlled internet browser/music player. All of this is available to you through IoT.

Keep an eye out in 2018

In the new year, watch for more personal use and wearable devices, like Amazon’s “Alexa” and Google’s Assistant, to come on the market. Forbes predicts U.S. sales of up to 12 million of these type of products by the end of 2018. Smart conference rooms and offices are getting hot too; check out our website for the best tech in that department. 

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