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High-tech solutions are common among people and organizations in video conferencing, recording notes, and communication. However, you still find too much paperwork, such as sign-in sheets, leading to double bookings, scheduling conflicts, etc.  

The Crestron 70 Series of Touch Screens are courtesy of the global leader in workplace technologies. The launched series incorporates Microsoft Teams with meeting management. The collaboration aims to provide employees with concurrent data and control over their office environments. Thus, it is possible for the staff to have a comprehensive overview of each room’s status, such as occupancy, cleanliness, and availability.

Crestron 70 Specifications and Outlook

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• Two Touch Screen Versions

The Crestron 70 Series comes as a wall and tabletop Touch Screen version. Their design is sleek and industrial, with black-white finishes and a thin bezel. 

The on-wall Touch Screen version comes in 5-inches, 7-inches, and 10-inch sizes and supports mullion and glass-mount methods for various customized architectural designs. The tabletop version is available in 7-inches and 10-inches and has a cast aluminum casing that matches today’s modern spaces.

• More User Control

Crestron 70 Touch Screens provide the experience that today’s users demand through its support on several applications and customizable interfaces. It is possible to control a range of building systems, including integrated communications, AV, lighting, and building automation, even in the most demanding locations such as training rooms, command centers, sports stadiums, boardrooms, classrooms, etc. Crestron is committing to ensure a smart office whereby there is seamless control of the working environment from a single point.

• Easier Connection via Wi-Fi Support

It is now easier to connect every space due to the Wi-Fi support in the 7-inch and 10-inch models. Whether the room is dimly lit, dark, or bright, the user interface’s optimization through improved light sensors and algorithms allows auto-adjustment of the screen brightness.

A well-round experience allows you to customize the screensaver to correspond with space or offer corporate branding. Besides, the Wi-Fi® capabilities and PoE+ installation allow maximum flexibility and convenience.

• Sharper and Higher Resolution Displays

All Crestron 70 Series models have sharper and higher resolution displays. The screen wakes up upon approach due to motion detection by the new proximity sensor. Therefore, it can offer extra feedback to the extensive room system and allow customization levels never seen before.

The Crestron 70 Series supports H.264, H.265, and MJPEG formats and thus can display live-streaming video from a streaming encoder, DigitalMediaTM switcher, or an IP camera facilitating video conferencing.

• Secure and Reliable Control of Room Technology

Touchless control functionality is also available in the new Crestron 70 Series. Employees and guests can have safe, secure, and reliable control of room technology via personal devices using the new Crestron ONE mobile app and the Bluetooth® beacon. 

It ensures safe workplace solutions and secured controls from lighting to presentation displays through automatic detection and extension of the Crestron 70 Series’ functionality to mobile device. Besides, the Touch Screens provide a full range of security standards, including 802.1X, SFTP, TLS, SSH, and FIPS-140-2.

• Remote Configurations

It is possible to remotely configure, deploy, and manage the new Crestron 70 Series Touch Screens at scale via XiO Cloud®, a service that offers building and space intelligence while allowing remote operations.  

The support and technology management teams don’t have to be on-site to control any touch screen, offer live end-user assistance, confirm room status or drive software and firmware updates. Additionally, the capacity to transmit data back to the cloud allows organizations to have more insight into device and space usage.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Crestron’s 70 Series is more superior in style and performance to previous panels. It is a great addition to the Crestron list of products for optimized workplace solutions and versatile installations. Contact us today for more information about Crestron 70 Series Touch Screens.


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