Rally Bar Mini Vs. Rally Bar: Your Ultimate Buying Guide

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There has been a drastic change in life due to the advancement in technology, and the same can be said of the way people conduct meetings today. In recent times, numerous changes have occurred with people transitioning from physical meeting spaces to virtual meetings. The changes have led to the growth of virtual meeting platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

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Rally bar mini is a video bar intended for small rooms. On the other hand, a rally bar is used in a large meeting room. In this article, we dive into the features of each, including their similarities and differences, to help you decide which is of the two is best suited to your needs.

Their Similar Features

Similar features between the two video conferencing technologies surround aspects of their purpose and functionality. For instance:

• Both the rally bar Mini and the Rally bar are made to provide a well-defined, clear, and crisp video resolution for video conferencing. • The two can also be used together with virtual meeting spaces such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom. • The two also come with built-in support for Microsoft teams’ rooms and zoom.

Differences Between the Rally Bar Mini and the Rally Bar

Though similar in their roles and how they do it, the rally bar mini and the Rally bar have a few differences. Some of these differences are:

1. Size of rooms they serve. The rally bar mini, just as the name suggests, is for small-sized conference rooms. The rally bar is, however, is for midsize conference rooms. 2. Their Pricing: The prices for the rally bar mini and the rally bar are different due to the different room size they serve. The rally bar mini is projected to cost USD 2999. On the other hand, the rally bar will go for USD 3999.

Standout Features in the Rally Bar Mini and the Rally Bar

1. Ease of set up, installation, and use. The rally bar mini and the rally bar are brilliantly designed to ensure the installation process is easy. The gadgets, their accompanying cables, and devices take minutes to set up. This ensures that you save time and promotes labor efficiency. 2. Easy Manageability. The gadgets come with an easy to understand instructions manual and guide. Operating and managing them is, therefore, easy for the user. 3. Great Audio Features. The rally bar mini and the rally bar have compelling voice capturing features. The rally bar mini has a well-established audio system packed with the latest technology that gives an HD quality sound system. These features guarantee that voice is captured across all corners of a room. The audio recorded and transmitted is, therefore, of the highest quality possible. The systems also come with a noise cancellation feature that tunes out unwanted noise. 4. Impeccable design. The two gadgets come in a sleek design. The edges are rounded, giving them a simple yet elegant feel. 5. Built-In Artificial Intelligence. The rally bar mini and the rally bar come with great AI features, making them smart. The gadgets can recognize human faces, figures, and voice. 6. Brilliant Video features. The devices are built to guarantee top-notch visual transmission with resolutions of up to 4K.

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