Unite® 50 vs. PanaCast 3: Comparison of Two Video Conference Cameras

When choosing a camera for your conference room, you’ll want to know all the facts. The camera industry is such a saturated market that it’s hard to tell the difference from one camera to another. Here is an in-depth comparison of two great cameras to choose from: the Unite® 50 from ClearOne and the PanaCast 3 from AltiaSystems.

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Unite® 50

Unite® 50

PanaCast 3 (1)

PanaCast 3


A big factor when choosing the right camera is the size of the room you’ll want to install it in. If you’re looking to enhance your huddle space’s digital conference abilities, then the Unite® 50 may be the camera for you. This product is ideal for smaller conference rooms with its 120-degree wide angle field of view.

If your conference room is a bit larger, we recommend investing in a PanaCast 3. This camera offers wall-to-wall, 180-degree coverage so you won’t be missing a thing in any meeting. With larger teams and rooms, this camera is ideal to capture every important detail.


ClearOne states that Unite® 50 comes equipped with, “Full-function USB 3.0 interface for video and power”. They also state that their Signal-to-Noise (SNR) ratio is very high and comes with “advanced 2D and 3D noise reduction”. You’re able to control this camera with an IR remote or UVC protocol, and it is easily installed on monitors using standard damping rotary-shaft support.

In comparison, Altiasystems is excited to have launched Panacast 3 in 2019 complete with their fourth generation stitching technology. They claim that it is, “the most advanced real-time stitching technology in the industry”.  The Panacast 3 has Panoramic 4K resolution with two high-quality microphones that create an image that enables the full benefits of AI capabilities. This system will track the complete data for all of your analytical needs.


Both the Unite® 50 and Panacast 3 are compatible with the most popular conferencing services, such as Zoom, Webex, Skype for Business and more.


Ideal for both the smaller rooms and the smaller budgets, Unite® 50 was priced at $549 at its release. The Panacast 3 camera has incredible technology that comes at a little more of a price at $895 online.

Regardless of your decision, investing in a video conference camera can bring a greater sense of humanity to your business day-to-day. Komstadt Systems Limited is passionate about providing AV expertise for your business. Check out what we offer and let us know if you’re interested in finding the right technology solutions for your organization.

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