Introducing Microsoft Surface Hub: What You Need to Know

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Microsoft Surface Hub is an interactive whiteboard that is certainly making waves in the business industry. This revolutionary tech comes with various features and benefits that are advancing the workplace. It comes in 2 sizes: 55″ and 84″ with 3 flexible ways to mount. A wall mount lets you permanently hang the new surface hub on a conference space wall. A Floor support mount supports it on the floor while permanently anchored to the conference space wall. The rolling stand will support it and lets you move it to different rooms. 

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One of this whiteboards greatest benefits is how it strengthens the meeting experience. With Microsoft Surface Hub, you can view and share content with an ease. This makes it easier to communicate updates, especially if you and your team are working on a project with a strict deadline. Additionally, joining meetings online is made simple with a single tap with Skype for Business. 

Aside from meetings, it makes the creation and brainstorming process more effective. It promotes togetherness as you can share ideas with others on a large-scale canvas. Essentially, it helps your ideas flow in an interactive way.

If that isn’t enough, it also allows you to customize your apps to fit your business needs thanks to their wide-range of applications. You can also connect apps from your mobile device to increase your Surface Hub experience.

More businesses are investing in a Microsoft Surface Hub because it provides a truly engaging experience that is changing the way we do business. With so many features in one, it is easily becoming a top choice among business owners who are looking to increase productivity in the workplace.

Next time, we will look deeper to compare Microsoft Surface Hub and Cisco Spark Board, to see which one is more appropriate to be used in your office. Stay Tuned!

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