Feature Comparison: Microsoft Surface Hub VS Cisco Spark Board

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New technology has blessed us with new ways to make things work within an organization. Now companies are using devices that help streamline meetings in an office environment. Both the Microsoft Surface Hub and the Cisco Spark Board are devices that aide with company meetings and integration. They allow employees to use them for white boarding or to use them to hold a meeting with teams in different physical locations.

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Here are some comparisons as below:

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Microsoft Surface Hub


Microsoft’s version of the corporate world’s meeting machine comes with a number of unique features to help streamline meetings. When writing on the surface hub and using it as a whiteboard, your writing is smooth and responsive. The surface hub allows two people to write on the board at the same time.

The Microsoft Surface Hub comes with ways to easily schedule a meeting or to call one spontaneously. There is a feature available that enables you to start a meeting with one click. It also has a feature that allows you to share content quickly and easily to any number of portable electronic devices.

The Microsoft Surface Hub comes in two different sizes, either 84″ or 55.” They have two wide-angle 1080p cameras. The surface hub has a large screen and allows good visibility for the group present at the meeting. The Microsoft version is good for small to medium size businesses. The surface hub gives the people in the room the best experience making it suitable for companies that have large in-house meetings.

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Cisco Spark Board


The Cisco Spark Board comes with most of the same features to streamlining your meetings that the Microsoft Surface Hub has. Cisco’s version does, however, come with a few extra features that the surface hub does not offer. The spark board has a 4k smart camera that will automatically frame in people and focus for you. It also has better microphones that can pick up more people and enables smart audio.

Cisco’s version comes in 55″ and 70″ sizes. The Cisco Spark Board is better at integrating large groups of people in different geographic locations. It is suitable for companies that have a large workforce in different locations. The improved audio and camera make it easier to connect with larger groups of people.

Both of the devices do wonder in helping organizations make their meeting and communications process more efficient. They both have changed the world of how corporate meetings operate.

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