Hot Desking And The Modern Office

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Office dynamics in today’s workplace are different from those of our parents. Increased mobility among staff is necessary to ensure access to a company’s technology resources. Sometimes different employee schedules create a need for a more fluid office structure. Work-from-home opportunities have also made it possible to work remotely and not be tethered to a cubicle or desk.

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Today’s “Intelligent Workplace” requires a rethinking of how our work is accomplished. We often work in groups to pool the strengths of different team members. Open-plan workplaces lend themselves to collaborative projects, as they favor more direct communication and sharing of ideas.

One particular trend in office space management is Hot Desking. This is when the office is structured so that each worker can move around the work environment without being relegated to their own desk. Each employee is then able to set up at any available location based upon the task at hand.

The main advantages are improved communication, better professional relationships, and greater sharing of knowledge. The bonding that emerges makes for better cooperation between departments and each team member more effective.

Sometimes a quiet individual location is better and hot desking can provide this as well. In fact, with more possible work locations, employees can choose the setting that best suits their needs. But because it is not a personal workspace, clutter and distractions from personal items are minimized.

Another advantage is that when workers are not on-site, hot desking makes the extra space utilizable to others. This also can lessen the cost of a company’s offices by not having to provide personal “real estate” for each employee.

This same strategy is not only applicable to the individual office, but to whole floors and buildings. This requires intelligent workplace design which enables workers to access company resources regardless of location. Advances in cloud and network technology have made this new kind of flexibility a reality in the 21st-century workplace.

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