Poly Studio X70 vs Poly Studio E70: What’s The Difference?

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Poly Studio teleconferencing equipment delivers broadcast-quality video to every conference, regardless of the location of the attendees, so you can be seen plainly and heard well. Poly DirectorAI technology, which comprises NoiseBlockAI and Acoustic Fence, is included in the Poly Studio E70 and Poly Studio X70, giving your meetings the sense of a true live broadcast-grade presentation with your in-room director.

Poly DirectorAI powers Poly’s cutting-edge video solutions. It employs machine learning and AI to provide real-time automated framing, transitions, and tracking that give the impression that everyone is in the same room. Poly DirectorAI enhances the hybrid working experience by integrating individuals in the conference room with those participating remotely.

Having the finest Zoom experience possible necessitates investing in the latest equipment for your team’s home office and conference facilities. Poly’s professional video conferencing equipment and unique solutions are intended to ensure that everyone has their virtual seat at the “table” by providing capabilities such as Zoom Smart Gallery view.

So, what are the differences between Poly Studio X70 and Poly Studio E70? To highlight the differences, we first have to discuss their distinct features.

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Poly Studio X70 Features

 The Poly Studio X70 video bar brings your huge conference rooms to life with its gorgeous design, razor-sharp 4K video, and boardroom-filling audio. Because of its all-in-one design, you can get rid of all those pesky cords and stop bugging your IT department for assistance. The Poly Studio X70 makes each large-room video call a breeze because of its AI-driven visual and audio experiences.

Its features include:

  1. Dual lenses and 4k sensors for life-like definition– The Poly Studio X70 effortlessly changes between wide-angle and narrow lenses, capturing every aspect of your meeting venues.
  2. Professional-quality pinpoint-accurate speaker tracking and group framing– To offer an unrivaled video experience, Poly DirectorAI technology incorporates autonomous tracking. 
  3. Integrated top cloud video apps– Poly Studio X70 integrates native apps for popular cloud video services such as Zoom. 
  4. Rich audio delivered by custom microphones and stereo speakers– The Poly Studio X70 has an innovative 2nd-order gradient microphone array, ensuring a next-level audio experience.

Poly Studio E70 Features

The Poly Studio E70 is an intelligent camera that transforms meeting rooms with stunning video quality, cutting-edge audio, and analytics. Poly DirectorAI technology boosts dual lenses with 20-megapixel 4K cameras to deliver an unparalleled video experience – ideal for hybrid working scenarios.

Its features include:

  1. Dual lenses and 20-megapixel 4k sensors for life-like definition– The Poly Studio E70 allows big meeting rooms to switch between narrow and wide-angle lenses without being seen.
  2. Poly DirectorAI provides professional-quality group framing and pinpoint-accurate speaker tracking– Poly DirectorAI technology delivers a video experience like no other. 
  3. Split-second privacy with a motorized, integrated electronic shutter– When designing this one, Poly considered everything, including the added protection of a motorized, integrated electronic privacy shutter.

The Main Differences between Poly Studio X70 and E70

Poly has recently introduced two video conferencing systems for large rooms: Poly Studio E70 and Poly Studio X70.

These devices have excellent optics and superior intelligence, allowing professional-grade video chats without attaching a host of peripherals. They have a lot in common, such as twin 4K Ultra HD cameras and intelligent group framing and speaker tracking.

However, because their names are so similar, some individuals become confused. What are the differences between Studio E70 and Studio X70?

The most significant distinction between the two is that the Studio E70 is a camera, and the Studio X70 is a video bar while Studio E70 is a camera.

Studio X70 includes professional-grade speakers and microphones for video calls, while E70 is designed to work with external speakers and microphones. Studio X70 can be used with cloud video conferencing systems like GoTo, Zoom, and RingCentral as an H.323 OR SIP video conferencing codec.

poly studio e70 poly studio x70 comparison blog


Businesses need quality audio and video devices to have the greatest meeting possible — anywhere, at any time. Poly headsets, audio and video conferencing equipment, analytics software, desk phones,  and services are all attractively designed and manufactured to bring people together in crystal clear communication. They’re professional-grade, simple, and integrated with the leading audio and video-conferencing services.

Reach out to Komstadt to get these cutting-edge video conferencing solutions today!

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