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In modern business, landline limitations are a thing of the past. Many businesses don’t even bother with landline phones, much less a fully-wired PBX (Private Branch Exchange) anymore when cloud communications have more than taken their place. Today. Unified Communications,  often sold as UCaaS, allows you to engage in live, multi-channel communication using just your business’ high-speed internet connection. A business fully connected with UCaaS not only has access to a full suite of digital features and channels, but cloud communication also enables more flexible operations, from remote work to global business opportunities.

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How UCaaS Works

UCaaS, or Unified Communications as a Service, provides your company full access to digital communication channels and the ability to connect globally to any employee, client, or business partner who has internet access. UC represents not only a traditional PDX business phone system, but also live chat communication, video conferencing, and virtual contact information that can cross over to multiple personal devices.

UCaaS involves a cloud service provider who will optimize your communications platform, distribute cloud numbers, and manage your communications to ensure ideal performance in every situation. Whether you are coordinating across multiple business locations, operating remote-working teams, or reaching out to global business partners, UCaaS provides unified communication across the board. No long-distance fees and the built-in database easily keeps track of both cloud and traditional contact credentials for every contact inside and outside your business.

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Why Should You Use Cloud Communications?

Every business, from the smallest e-commerce shop to international enterprises, benefits from cloud communications. While a backup landline can be useful in emergencies, cloud communication has long since overcome the many limitations of wired connections. Cloud communication allows you to engage in voice, text, and video contact with employees, clients, and business partners all over the world, at the speed of each person’s local internet. Any business that already has high-speed internet access has the capacity for limitless communication options so that you can build the workflow or plan virtual meetings in whatever way works best for your business model or the preferences of your clients. Cloud communication also unifies your communications data. Contact information, chat and call records, and recorded meetings share a data core, allowing you to create truly continuous relationships without the hiccups of missed messages or lost details.

Tired of re-wiring the office for new employees, or juggling office phones vs cellphones? UCaaS unifies it all with universal cloud-assigned numbers that “follow” your team members to whichever device or desk they are using at a given moment. This means your team can log into their work number from any device, and you can reach them through the same channels no matter which phone or computer they are nearest. Lastly, booking a meeting – any meeting – is simple with UCaaS, and switching from text, audio, or video communication can be seamless so that any workflow or schedule can be easily accommodated by your communication system.

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How Cloud Communications Can Expand Your Business Globally

Cloud communication also frees you from geographical limitations. Connecting through high-speed internet instead of through phone lines is universal. Anyone on the internet can connect, and your cloud phone can even call non-cloud numbers or share call-in numbers for cloud meetings with those still using traditional phones.

When it comes to global expansion, cloud communication means you can reach and support global clients easily. You can also open global locations that all share the same UCaaS account, therefore share the same virtual PDX, chat, and video meeting network.  Hiring remote workers in other countries is equally simple, just generate a new cloud number and log in so they can easily join your network and immediately become part of your internal communications network. Contact us to learn more about how workplace technologies can help expand your business.

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