Cisco Room Series: How to Choose for Your Business

In an era where the business landscape continues to evolve, the importance of reliable and efficient video conferencing tools cannot be overstated. The Cisco Room Series emerges as a compelling consideration for businesses to create smarter, more connected, and collaborative working environments. 

With a significant investment, it is imperative for businesses to carefully assess their specific needs and budget before selecting the right Cisco Room Series. This article will provide an in-depth overview of the Cisco Room Series, its key features, benefits, and crucial factors to consider when choosing the right fit for your organization.

Smart Office Technology

The Cisco Room Series boasts a wide array of advanced components, each designed to streamline and optimize your hybrid work environment. At the core of the Room Series is the RoomOS, a hybrid work platform that is specifically tailored for a native Webex experience. It is not limited to one ecosystem, though, as it harmoniously supports third-party meeting solutions, such as:

This interoperability allows businesses to streamline communication and consolidate their digital tools, which can lead to improved efficiency and productivity.

Moreover, Cisco Room Series supports video collaboration, a critical aspect of smart office technology. Cisco Room Series also includes advanced offerings like Room Panorama with Codec Pro, Room 70 Panorama, and Room 70 Dual Panorama Upgrade. These premium options all contribute to creating an immersive and interactive meeting experience, further enhancing your organization’s smart office technology capabilities.

How to Choose

Cisco Room Series empowers organizations to create a smarter, more connected, and collaborative working environment, but only if chosen wisely.

In selecting the right Cisco Room Series for your organization, it is essential to assess the complexity of your video conferencing needs and budget. You have to consider the size of your meeting rooms, the number of participants in a typical meeting, the complexity of your video conferencing needs, as well as the degree of integration with other software platforms. The degree of integration varies across models, so it is important to align your choice with the specific software your organization uses.

For small to medium-sized organizations with simple needs, the Room Bar may be sufficient. It is an integrated video bar featuring a built-in codec, a wide-angle lens camera, speakers and microphones.

However, if your meetings often involve detailed presentations, multi-point calling, or collaboration between distributed teams, you may require advanced video conferencing capabilities. In such cases, models such as the Room Panorama or Room 70 Panorama, which are designed to handle complex conferencing needs, may be more suitable.

The Room Panorama, fitted with Codec Pro and a multi-lens UHD camera, enhances the video quality with two 82-inch 8K QLED screens, and a 65-inch 4K QLED screen. Complementing these visual capabilities are 12 integrated speakers with spatial audio and an intelligent table microphone array for point-to-point and multi-point video meetings. Upgraded versions of these devices, such as the Room 70 Panorama and Room 70 Dual Panorama Upgrade, come with additional features, including panoramic video software and an updated codec for higher performance.


Cisco Room Series helps to adapt to your business and working style, making meetings more intuitive and productive. In essence, the Cisco Room Series equips your business with the right tools for a more effective and collaborative future, thereby fostering employee collaboration and improving overall business performance. Therefore, thoughtfully consider your organization’s size, technological needs, and budget when choosing the Cisco Room Series, as it could be the key to unlocking a more efficient and collaborative workspace.

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