Free Work-From-Home Software from Cisco Webex During the Pandemic

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Three months ago, the corona virus was a distant problem and most employers were still dragging their feet about remote work and telecommute days. Digital transformation was ongoing, but by no means instant. And then suddenly everyone had to stay home.

The global outbreak of COVID-19 has been devastating, but not entirely the way we expected. While stores and schools are empty, the internet is on fire. Many employers are sending their teams home to work remotely for the first time in the company’s history. The only complication? These teams don’t yet have the software and routine needed for a productive work-from-home environment. That’s where the tech companies are stepping up to keep the wheels turning during this global crisis.

Cisco Webex Does Their Part with Free Collaboration Software

As an established giant of the tech industry, Cisco laid the groundwork for the networking that makes remote work possible today. Like many industry giants, they are stepping up to keep society and business intact while everyone stays safely at home during the pandemic.

To that end, they have made Cisco Webex, the remote communication and collaboration software, available for free to all professionals, businesses, and teams for the duration of the crisis. Everyone who needs a high-quality video conferencing, file-sharing, virtual presentation, and e-learning platform to continue working from home and with their team remotely, the tools are now at your fingertips at no cost.

How Webex Helps You Work From Home

Cisco decided to offer Webex for free because it is the perfect platform for first-time telecommuting teams. From managers who prefer a hands-on style to professionals who have never done their job out of the office before, there are millions of teams suddenly working through laptop screens instead of together in a shared office.

Webex features a surprisingly diverse set of options for communication and work collaboration. It also integrates smoothly with most popular file storage, email, and business software platforms because it is designed to smoothly integrate with any business model  and team. Here’s a quick run-down of the features that will help you work from home more easily.

  • Video Conferencing
  • Meeting Scheduling
  • Email and Live Chat
  • Multi-Platform Communication Management
  • Screen Sharing
  • File Sharing
  • Remote Presentations
  • E-Learning

Webex Even If You’re Already Collaborating

For those of you currently researching work-from-home solutions to add to your stack, consider switching your whole team to Webex instead. Cisco has a sterling reputation for industry-standard reliability and hassle-free integration, and the Webex platform is no exception.

The professional workforce has accomplished some incredible things with various stacks of free and available software. Webex combines many of those features into one smooth, integration-friendly interface. Webex can help to keep your stack of collaboration solutions organized or replace a few less-than-functional solutions instead.

Cisco’s goal in offering Webex for free during this crisis is exactly that: to make working from home easier on the teams keeping the wheels of business in motion.

Setting Up for Yourself or Your Team

If you are a professional solving your own remote collaboration challenges, Cisco Webex has a great interface for users. But the tools are also present for managers to use Webex to better coordinate and manage a whole team. Because Webex is currently free, you can sign up and prepare a workspace for your entire team to join. This will help to smooth the onboarding process for your team as they join the platform together.

Getting Started with Cisco Webex for Free

If you’re ready to check out what Webex room kit can do for your work-from-home experience, contact us today. Our team can help you choose the right Webex plan and get started solo or establish your entire working team. Let us help you stay productive and keep the wheels rolling while working safely from home during the coronavirus pandemic.

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