Change the Way You Engage: Smart Camera Huddly L1

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The Huddly L1 is a collaborative camera for medium and large meeting spaces. The Huddly L1 promises responsive and instant framing and full HD video of the highest quality. Designed to deliver smart user experiences, the L1 makes meetings productive and inclusive for all attendees, no matter where they are.

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InSights Analytics API

Using high-end analytics data via Huddly’s Insights API, the camera detects and counts people within its field of view.

Genius Framing

The L1 camera finds people inside its field of view and auto zooms to frame attendees under the best video conditions.

Convolutional Neural Network

The Huddly L1 instantly identifies visual patterns, detecting people and objects with a multi-layered CNN.

Real-time Dewarping

The dewarped feature ensures impressive wide-angle images. The perspective of the view is auto-corrected in real-time. The feature renders a natural image.

Portrait Lighting

AI in the camera system analyzes lighting conditions in an image and auto-adjusts exposure. The benefit is faces are always well-lit.

Image Enhancement

The L1 camera automatically manages color, white balance, and optical aberration. It utilizes bias compensating spatio-temporal filtering to minimize white noise with wide-area chroma filtering. The Huddly L1 also takes advantage of Dynamic Light Optimization for adjustment to conditions of poor lighting.

Digital Zoom/Tilt/Pan

The camera comes with no moving parts. Pan, tilt and zoom functionality is adjustable instantly, silently, and smoothly.

Upgradable Software

The camera’s design promises to grow intelligence over time as regular software enhancements and fresh intelligence features will always be on the table.

Huddly L1 Imaging

  • 6K image sensor
  • 20.30 megapixel 1 inch CMOS sensor
  • 1080p full hi-def at 30 fps
  • 720 HD at 30 fps
  • Digital zoom up to 5x
  • 16:9 aspect ratio output
  • 180-degree auto-flip imaging
Change the Way You Engage With the Huddly L1 Blog Image

Revolutionizing the Meeting Experience

Huddly products are changing the way we interact. The Huddly L1 is a compact and innovative way to manage remote gatherings with engineering that complement collaboration and communication with greater efficiency. Whether in the classroom or the boardroom, the versatility gives everyone greater options and better tools in medium and large meeting rooms.

The system has a 150-degree ultra-wide-angle camera view with impressive AI capabilities. With no moving pieces, the L1 can capture an overview of the entire room (even while zooming), retrieving valuable data like occupancy, room usage, and attendee count. USB-powered, the device is compatible with any platform.

The clarity the Huddly L1 delivers ensures everyone’s seen and heard, regardless of a participant’s distance from the lens. There will be no difficulty picking up reactions and tracking non-verbal cues. The camera system personalizes the user experience with a diagonal 103-degree field of view and a 92-degree horizontal field of view. There’s PTZ tech that maximizes digital image enhancement, portrait lighting, and real-time dewarping.

Easy Installation

The Huddly L1 has Power over Ethernet connectivity. The L1 camera is mountable on the wall, easily placed atop a screen, or can be set on a surface. The only thing to concern yourself with is cable length. 

Last Thoughts

The Huddly L1 is a smart camera with tech developed to enhance team collaboration, board meetings, classroom study, and much more in medium and large rooms. From auto framing to easy installation and application, the L1 promises delivery of high-quality, smart UX. Implement the device and spend less time worrying about how your attendees interact and more on developing smart, engaging content.

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