HoloLens vs VIVE, Which One is Better?

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If you are familiar with VR, you should have came across the HTC VIVE and possibly, the latest HoloLens from Microsoft.  So there is often this question being asked: Which one is better??? Which one should I pick that is more suitable for me or for my smart office?

VIVE provides a platform for VR (Virtual Reality) with a full screen displaying the virtual effect. Whereas, HoloLens offers an AR (Agmented Reality or Mixed Reality) that offers a mixture of VR together with the Real environment background.  Both units actually provide different offerings of reality and can not be fully compared. In this matter, your needs and expectation of use is highly relevant in the decision.

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With the fact that everyone is hyped about VR / AR and the user experience, the VIVE is definitely the better product offering a more mature solution with full viewing angles.  Hololens on the other hand, is currently only available in the “Developer Version” which is an early version designed specifically for developers in creating related content for this device.  The consumer version when release, will definitely be more refined with improved interfaces and glitches.


In comparing their price tags, VIVE is selling their product at USD $499 (VIVE Pro at USD $799) while HoloLens is selling it at USD $3000 (Hololens 2 released in 2019 costs USD $3500). Depending on your budget it could definitely affect your decision.

VIVE for VR and is mature and available whereas HoloLens for AR still requires a bit more fine tuning from the developer version. Definitely the VIVE at this point in time.

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