Experience a Noise Free Conference Call with the New Yamaha YVC-330

Experience a Noise Free Conference Call with the New Yamaha YVC-330

Phone conferencing is becoming the most used technology in conferences. Recently, the renowned technology company, Yamaha unified communication, unveiled the new addition next-generation speakerphone, the Yamaha YVC-330.

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As technological advancements advance, there grows an increased demand to get an impelling product. Yamaha YVC-330 features are engineered to make productive conferences, especially in the noisy workplaces. The Yamaha YVC-330 features and its benefits are;

Far Field Noise Reduction

A conference call with the Far Field Noise Reduction technology allows transmission of human voices around the meeting table and filters the unnecessary noise. The Yamaha SoundCap technology feature, therefore, enables clear communication of sounds, thus making the call conference more lively and transparent.

Mute button and volume balance features

When making a conference call, decisions made need not involvement of another party. Therefore, the mute function comes in handy and gives a stress-free conferencing. The self volume button allows one to adjust the speaker volume to an ambient level that is not irritatingly loud or too low.

YVC-330 benefits

Whether your office is near a production point or the close to the noisiest machines or human noise pollution, YVC-330 speakerphone is compatible with all these needs. The SoundCap technology used also filters the echo emit in a conference room.

The YVC-330 features not only supports multiple connectivity of USB and Bluetooth smartphone connectivity, but it is also portable and offers high-quality audio and video communication. This product is ideal for small conference rooms and huddle rooms because of its power reduces background noise and aids in echo cancellation.

The featured SoundCap technology in the YVC-330 Bluetooth speakerphone makes collaboration, communication, and meetings more attractive and successful in open office areas. Yamaha Unified Communications, Inc. is a company committed to providing you with conference communication solutions be it audio or video call communication.

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