Benefits of Wellness Programs: Cost Saving and Improved Productivity

Benefits of Wellness Programs: Cost Saving and Improved Productivity

Employee wellness programs are programs that help employees stay healthy or help improve their health. They are a health benefits program that employers provide for their employees in addition to health insurance. They can come in the form of staff training, health seminars for employees, or some other means to educate employees in the area of healthy lifestyle choices.

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Helps your Organization Save Money

Do adopting corporate employee wellness programs help your company save money? A survey by Fidelity Investment has shown that employers spend over $600 per employee on wellness programs. However, it has also been proven that for every $1 spent, wellness programs save $6. So, wellness programs help your company to save money.

Reduce Sick Leave

Another benefit of a wellness program is that they reduce employees’ sick leave. Productivity is affected whenever an employee goes on sick leave. Apart from this, the company pays in term of health insurance. Wellness programs help avoid this by educating employees on how to prevent risky health practice.

Reduce Workplace Accidents and Medical Cost

There is also a reduction in medical cost. Healthy living ensures employee against incessant illness, thereby saving the company’s medical cost.

Wellness programs radically reduce workplace accidents, and this, in return, reduces workers disability claim saving the company a whole lot of money.

Reduction in employees stress level has a positive effect on their productivity, and one way to do this is by implementing a wellness program.

Increases Employee’s Productivity

Absenteeism affects a company’s productivity. Research has shown that adopting a corporate wellness program reduces absenteeism drastically, and this, in turn, leads to productivity as well saves the company a lot of money.

Having a motivated workforce is one sure way of improving the company’s productivity. Wellness programs help build and sustain employees’ morale.

Wellness programs improve employees’ engagement. It has been proven that employees are more engaged when provided with stress reliefs, nutritionist, health consulting, healthy activities, and this, in turn, reduce the costs related to employee disengagement.

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