iPort vs iRoom, What Dock Should I Consider?

iroom itop on office table

Apple products are designed to allow us the creation of our own personalized system of devices to improve the efficiency of our lives. In fact, each year more and more people realize how Apple devices can genuinely add benefits to their daily lives and working efficiency. Companies like iPort and iRoom take the functionality of your devices to a whole other level! So which is better? Honestly, we believe that it depends on your specific needs. Thus we’ve created this breakdown of both systems, as well as what is great about each. 

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The iPort

This cutting-edge company is committed to integrating Apple products with the technology in your life. They are responsible for inventing the world’s first in-wall dock for the iPod, as well as the world’s first in-wall mount for the iPad and iPod touch. They also developed the world’s first and only inductive charging system for the iPad, known as LaunchPort.

Their products enhance corporate offices, elegant hotels, luxury transportation, and homes around the world. The product line features wall mounts in a variety of styles. iPort also offers iPad mount and charger systems ideal for business use. Among their products is an iPad charger case with a stand and even a wireless network designed to sync with your Sono products.

The iRoom


The iRoom is dedicated to high-tech functionality and design. These state-of-the-art iPad ports look like a snapshot into the future! They feature a variety of products that work well in both in the business and home environment. Their products range from permanent wall mounts to tabletop docks. These products are featured in businesses and homes around the globe. They have even developed the “uniDock” which is an in-wall dock designed to charge almost all mobile devices. Among their products is a home automation system that allows you to control aspects of your environment from the touch of a button.

In conclusion, both of these companies have created incredible products, each with multiple functionalities. They can be easily integrated into almost any industry or lifestyle. Which is a better fit for your personal situation and office design is for you to decide.

To learn more about what these product lines have to offer, as well as how they could assist your business or home needs, please feel free to contact us! We are having a free consultation about Smart Office now.

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