Why Huddle Rooms Are On The Rise


A huddle room is a small space that helps stimulate big ideas. A few people (around 5 or so) can get together in a strategically sized area where they have everything they need for successful teleconferencing and collaborative meeting sessions. Standard equipment includes a central table, chairs, monitors, whiteboards and a video conferencing system. Although traditional conference rooms can serve a similar purpose, huddle rooms have several qualities that make them better.

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Small private spaces bolster productivity and collaboration levels. When employees are in a more open area there are plenty of distractions and it’s easy to feel like a cog in the machine. Providing huddle rooms with agile design creates a unique space where workers can get together and maximize their meeting time without interruptions.



Not all employees work in the office. The number of remote workers is on the rise, and huddle rooms help bringing those working outside the office inside! By using a mixture of large screens, top-notch video conferencing software and the intimate size of the huddle room remote workers can feel like they are in the office alongside their co-workers. This helps strengthen the relationship as well as raise morale for those working off-site.


No need to set appointments or make reservations when you have a huddle room. The ease and availability encourages employees to get together on-the-fly. By having dedicated intimate spaces employees don’t need to disrupt others when ideas come to them.

Flexible & Cost Effective

A huddle room is more than just a space for current employees. These spaces are also perfect for conducting interviews, meeting with potential clients, training new employees and can even be converted to any temporary rooms that your company may need. Huddle rooms are a less expensive overhead investment than the standard conference room and take up much less space.

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