On-Site Engineers Key To A More Helpful Help Desk

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Is your business among the 72% of companies interested in improving customer service? To keep your competitive edge, implement one key strategy to up your customer service game:

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Smart On-Site Engineer: Want to make clients happy? Smart on-site engineers are proving to be an effective pro-active strategy for improving customer service experience. Although everyone within a company should be customer support focused, there are advantages to having a team leader whose responsibility is:

  • Defining areas that need improvement
  • Providing a personal touch on major issues
  • Ensuring effective training for customer support personnel
  • Play the role of customer to experience first-hand the effectiveness of a customer support strategy

What To Expect: Although there is still a raging debate on whether or not trickle down economics really work, trickle down support definitely does. As an on-site customer support engineer leads, certain qualities trickle down and affect the overall quality of service provided by a helpful customer support team:

  • Coverage: Greater awareness becomes a priority which results in better coverage of inquiries. In other words, say good-bye to customer issues that fall through the cracks from time to time.
  • Consistency: The leadership of a customer service engineer establishes consistent protocols for the routine problems that need resolution. When something new arises, there is one go-to person to outline a new strategy so if the problem rears its head again, everyone knows how to handle it.
  • Effectiveness: No matter which staff member is on the receiving end of a customer complaint, customers can expect an effective solution. An on-site engineer makes sure that everyone is equipped with the right tools and training for the job.
  • Attitude: A company can say good-bye to scripts when there is a team leader who instills confidence in well-trained staff. This results in more positive attitudes and a better customer service experience for everyone involved.

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