How to Start an Activity-Based Workplace in 5 Simple Steps

How to Start an Activity-Based Workplace in 5 Simple Steps

Successful workplaces are no longer about formality and traditions. Organizations are now embracing activity-based workplaces. This approach allows employees to utilize their workspaces according to their convenience. Instead of sticking to the same work desk every day, flexibility will enable employees to use space as they need it. Embracing the activity-based work approach requires five critical steps to get you started.

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Human Resource

Changing workplace practices and cultures can be difficult for employees. The activity-based approach is valuable, but the human resource department needs to assist employees. Preparation for this transition is essential because it increases the level of success. Change management will be a critical element when employees are stepping into this new era.

Utilization of Space

The activity-based workplace is all about optimizing space according to employees’ tasks and roles. The first thing about space utilization is knowing how much space is available. Also, the number of departments using space needs to be known. The goal of getting this information is making most with less. Open plans, and floor layout could still be achieved even on a strict budget.


While transforming the workplace into an activity-based environment, consider technology. All customizations ought to include the technology required by employees. For example, their devices and gadgets should also get space. Technology makes work effective within the workplace as well as working remotely.

Departmental Collaboration

All departments are part of this change, and they have to be involved. Ensuring collaboration among the department is a role for the department heads and human resource personnel. Collaboration is yet another factor that determines the success of the activity-based workplace.


During preparation, employees need to undergo training and learn the essence of an activity-based workplace. Implementing the change will be easy because the employees understand the value of this new approach.

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