What Should You Know About IOT? (Internet of Things)

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No doubt you’ve read a lot about The Internet of Things, including finally referring to it in its shortened form: IoT. If you’re still new to this technology, it’s time to learn more about what it does and what to expect.

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Setting up a smart device in your home or office brings opportunity to save money and live more responsibly. At the same time, IoT still has a lot of evolving to do.

So what should you know about this technology to help you understand its role? What’s important to know not only what it’s doing now, but also where it’s going. The true potential of IoT is still on the horizon.

Smart Appliances in the Home or Office

The key thing to learn about IoT is it connects virtually any kind of device, whether in your workplace or home. Just a few years ago, this had limitations to things like heating systems or computers. As you’ve probably noticed, it’s now all about connecting offbeat appliances from refrigerators to toasters.

Forbes notes you sometimes see a misconception about IoT thinking all devices stay connected to one another. While you do see this, many devices have their own networks to give you more personalized information.

In these cases, you often receive data to help you make better decisions on appliance usage. As an energy and money-saver, IoT has already proven itself.

IoT Doing More Complex Functions

You’re seeing IoT across numerous industries outside of controlling appliances. From usage in cars, industrial sectors, and healthcare, you see data being used to make better decisions. Many note how IoT platforms now work in shipping warehouses to assure faster deliveries.

General Electric continues using IoT to track how well their jet engines perform. In healthcare fields, IoT works to help send automated reminders to patients about taking their medications.

What Lies Ahead for IoT

We’re on the cusp of some exciting things in IoT technology. Microsoft noted last year the technology is going to change how we view consumer products.

As wireless technology continues to make inroads, we’ll use far more devices without wires or cords.

Big data will also become more of a factor in every smart device to help us create better strategies in everything we do. Also expect more voice-activated IoT devices, similar to what you’re already using with Alexa.

Smart cities will eventually become IoT’s culmination, working on an epic scale to make cities run more efficiently.

Despite challenges still ahead with security in The Internet of Things, expect it to become intertwined into our daily lives. This might include finding it in places where we least expect it.

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