Evoko Room Booking System Liso: What You Need To Know


For many offices, conference room management is often cumbersome and tricky. Trying to accommodate multiple schedules, preferences and a host of other factors can easily become overwhelming without the right room management system.

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Evoko Liso is the newest addition to the Evoko room management product area, and it is a welcome one. Evoko aims to “revolutionize the way you meet” and their products reflects that ambition.

Taking the hassle out of room management is what the system is designed to do. Brighter, aesthetically improved and next generation, Evoko Liso is ready to ensure that meeting rooms are managed effectively.

Information is easily displayed on their touch screen systems, and information changes in real-time on the display. When a person walks up to it, the system will automatically display relevant information. Rather than double booking rooms and ending up confused. The system aims to cut through the noise and simplify the meeting process.

Furthermore, the system allows for on-the-spot customization. Users are easily able to book, end, and extend meetings directly from the clock. Users can also use the calendar to “search for other rooms based on availability, size and equipment.”

Evoko Liso also utilizes the green and red light aura to further avoid confusion. At a glance, users are able to see if rooms are vacant or not. Plus, the system is designed to gather data and provide meaningful insight that will improve meeting patterns and maximize efficiency.

With web-based Evoko Home, users are able to analyze statistics and understand how resources are being used. Plus, it is comprehensively designed to provide management options for multiple sites, grant permission controls as well as real-time monitoring capabilities.

Evoko is designed to easily provide coverage for meeting rooms, support and management in one fell swoop. Meeting management has never been simpler or easier thanks to systems such as Evoko Liso.

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