Boost The Meeting Quality Through HP Elite Slice for Meeting Room G2


Conferencing is expected to be expeditious and simple to enable individuals to connect seamlessly. The purpose of the HP Elite Slice for Meeting Rooms G2 Skype Room Systems is to manage, secure, and deploy your meeting room system efficiently. The device is considered to be one of the most versatile Skype Room System in the industry because of its ability to enhance comfort in meetings and meet the latest workplace trends.

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One-touch Collaboration

The beauty of this product is its ability to multifunction. Therefore, you are able to flexibly access and enjoy:

  • On-demand calling.
  • Dual viewing angles.
  • Ability to add attendees easily and efficiently.
  • Sharing content with one touch on the Center of Room Control and other familiar Skype for Business interfaces.

Audio and Videos

The qualities of sounds and videos offered by the device are crisp and clear and it facilitates the smooth running of meetings. The HP Elite Slice for Meeting Room G2 can enhance communication by isolating voices and canceling advanced noise. Moreover, the device can use its optimal cameras to provide users with the best images.

Set-up of the Device

The product eliminates complications associated with setting up the device because it does not require any specialized skills to complete and to do the process. Therefore, you can install the HP Elite Slice for Meeting Room G2 is hassle-free.

Features of the Product

  • Eliminates the use of cables in connecting between your HP Elite Slice for Meeting Rooms G2 Skype Room System and your display through the use of optimal HP Wireless Display Module that is more efficient.
  • Call control is simplified because of the commands available the Skype Room System Center of Room Control and HP Elite Slice for Meeting Rooms G2 Skype Room Systems.
  • The device has a bright tri-colored light ring that enables all the attendees to know the status of the call.
  • The HP Noise Cancellation option uses the latest noise-filtering technology to all outbound and inbound audio to make the online calls audible to the attendees.
  • The product has 90dB of space-filling audio, and far-field mic pick up that enhances clarity of sound and enables everyone in the room to participate in the conversation.
  • The one-touch capacitive controls launch conference calls are expeditious and ensure that you save time, and this boosts productivity.
  • The HP Elite Slice for Meeting Room G2 Skype Room System and the optimal HP Keyed Cable Lock 10 mm are secured in the conference room by the port cover.
  • The products come with HP Sure Start Gen3 that can automatically recover the BIOS from rootkits, malware, or corruption. Therefore, technology solutions can enhance security, prevent breaches, and minimize downtime.

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