Can Co-Working Drive Your Business Growth?


Have you heard of co-work spaces? They’ve revolutionized our idea of the workplace and continue to offer an array of benefits for those using them. A co-work space simply means that a group of individuals share a workspace that typically requires a membership to use. The individuals attracted to these spaces vary from the entrepreneurial start-up to the remote worker.

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Co-working is a good option for those looking to grow their business, for many reasons. Here are merely a few.

1. A Sense of Community

Co-work spaces are a friendly alternative to the traditional workplace or isolated home office. Ideal for those that would rather avoid the isolation that arises from working remotely, co-work spaces are an excellent and natural avenue for networking.

Did you know that gig workers are in part fueling the “loneliness epidemic” identified by the former US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy? Co-work spaces may be an antidote. This is because they couple the fluidity of remote work and proximity to workers similarly committed to expanding their professional community. Unsurprising, considering community was one of the tenants of co-work spaces deemed crucial by those who founded them.

This makes co-work spaces a particularly attractive option for the extroverts among us.

2. Freedom of Work 

We’ve already touched a little on the fluidity afforded by the co-work space. It’s one of the most enticing aspects of these spaces. While working alone generally meant sacrificing some of the amenities provided by larger corporations—think: cafeterias, stocked kitchens or gym memberships—co-work spaces typically offer this and more. It also affords the freedom to work according to one’s own preferences.

Co-work spaces are unique in that they provide both community and freedom.

3. Work Inspiration

A great part of using co-work spaces is that they provide ample inspiration for the workers. They typically provide both beautiful accommodations, and the opportunity for co-workers to converse with those that share the same values—and even industries—they do.

This can provide inspiration for those that prefer being around smart and engaged workers. Some co-work spaces even offer mentorship and the ability to surround oneself with the brightest minds of our time.

In a recent survey by Deskmag and Deskwanted, 66% of co-workers indicated they “feel more creative” and were more likely to collaborate on projects.

4. Increase Productivity

Some people are simply more productive when surrounded by others. This makes co-working a clever method of boosting productivity. In the same survey, 74% of those using co-work spaces indicated they were more productive.

Statistics provided by Officevibe also paint an impressive picture of co-working. 64% of co-workers indicated they were better able to complete tasks on time while 68% said they were better able to focus.

One reason co-work spaces increase productivity is that they provide structure to otherwise amorphous workdays.

The stereotype of the co-worker is a millennial typing away furiously in order to afford to avoid the traditional workplace. However, members of co-work spaces are as diverse as their needs. They merely share the common goal of utilizing a workspace that prioritizes productivity and community. And they may just be the boost your business needs!

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