Introducing High-Level Video Conferencing Solutions from Crestron

Introducing High-Level Video Conferencing Solutions from Crestron

Whether your company is an enterprise, small business, or anything in between, integrating a high-level video conferencing system offers a myriad of benefits. A conferencing system connects teams, increases productivity, saves money, and helps your business gain a competitive advantage. Komstadt Systems specializes in helping companies of all sizes integrate workplace technologies, including video conferencing systems that will streamline workflow processes and increase your bottom line. 

Let’s take a look at two video conferencing systems developed by Crestron and offered by Komstadt that will change the way you hold meetings, give presentations, collaborate, and much more!

Crestron Flex MX for Microsoft Teams and Zoom

There are two versions Crestron Flex MX. One version is designed to integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Teams Rooms, while the other is compatible with Zoom Rooms. These systems are packed full of functions and features to ensure a state-of-the-art experience for all participants. 


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Your Choice of Platform

The versatility of this device allows for your team to hold meetings either by the UC conference platform (BYOD) or the native Microsoft Teams Rooms platform. Feel free to switch back and forth based on the type of meeting held and the preferences of your team. 


Cutting Edge Video and Audio

The Crestron Flex MX proudly features the state-of-the-art Huddly IQ collaboration camera. First, it provides a 150 degree wide-angle, diagonal view, which has the capabilities to capture an entire conference room in Full HD. Advanced video processing provides a clear video image that is noise and light artifact-free. The Genius Framing Digital auto-zoom eliminates the need for manual control of the camera because it can detect people in the room and frame them for the perfect view.


Touchscreen Interface

Enjoy a consistent user experience with an easy to use and intuitive touchscreen user interface. The option to enable one-touch meeting joins makes it easy for participants to attend meetings, collaborations, and presentations. 


Hassle-Free Installation

The Crestron Flex MX is easy to install and configure with the direct connection option. There is no need for custom programming or software installation. Your team will be ready to conduct meetings in no-time at all. 


Network Management and Enterprise-Grade Security

Keeping sensitive data secure is a top priority for your company and a legitimate concern when it comes to sharing files digitally during video conferences. This innovative video conferencing device includes provisioning and system alerts based on custom-set parameters. The Crestron Flex MX has the ability to connect and communicate securely over any size network and includes enterprise-grade security to ensure that even the most sensitive data remains secure.


Multiple Display Configuration

With the Crestron Flex MX, you can choose between a single or dual display configuration based on your needs. 


What Does the Complete Kit Include?

The complete kit for the Crestron Flex MX for both Zoom and Microsoft Teams includes:

  • Crestron Mercury X Tabletop conference system
  • Huddly IQ collaboration camera
  • UC bracket assembly
  • Power supplies

You only have to add the display(s) and mount and you are good to go!


Elevate Your Meeting Capabilities

Komstadt Systems is the leading provider of workplace technologies throughout the Asia Pacific. We live in a digital age where the need to be virtually connected at all times is more important now than ever. Our team is dedicated to offering smart solutions to fit the unique needs of your business. It doesn’t matter how small or large your company is, we have the technologies you need to take your business to the next level and keep an edge on your competitors. Contact us today for more information on how we can seamlessly integrate video conferencing solutions into your business. 


Crestron Flex Zoom: Turning Any Space into a Conference Room


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