Which is a better Ceiling Array Microphone? MXA920 or MXA910?

The Shure MXA920 is a recent addition to the Microflex® Ecosystem range, bringing a streamlined deployment experience and improved audio quality in a familiar square and a new circular form factor that expands architectural options.

The Shure MXA920 is the successor of the Shure MXA910, and it comes in two styles: new round and original tile. One of the new features is automatic coverage, which removes the need to set microphone lobes manually. The array is set up to cover a 9x9m space right out of the box.

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MXA920 Features

  • The MXA920 has Automatic CoverageTM technology, which eliminates the need for speaker area targeting, reducing setup time and effort. 
  • MXA 920 deploys up to 8 fully-adjustable range zones in addition to the 9x9m room scope.
  • The microphone has a revised next-generation array design for improved directionality and authentic voice and integrated IntelliMix® DSP for echo and noise cancellation.
  • It provides unequaled scalability and versatility in applications ranging from audiovisual teleconference to camera tracking and voice uplift in high-end meeting venues.
  • The MXA920 comes in round and square forms, with various mounting choices. The square form factor is available only in white, but the round form comes in three colors.
shure mxa920 ceiling array microphones

MXA910 Features

  • Individual speakers are captured and sent over a single network connection using eight highly directional capture lobes.
  • Total of 10 channels (1 automatic mixing transmit channel, 8 independent transmit channels, and 1 AEC Reference Input receive channel)
  • On the Automix Output channel Dante or AES67 network, IntelliMix® digital signal processing provides noise reduction, acoustic echo cancellation, automatic gain control, automated mixing, compression, equalization, and delay. 
  • Autofocus technology
  • Hard ceiling, suspension, and VESA mounting solutions are among the mounting choices available.

With this microphone, you can be confident of the best performance for your task, from its fantastic range and pickup to how to configure the onboard DSP.

shure mxa920 ceiling array microphones

Main Differences Between MXA910 and MXA920

The main differences between MXA910 and MXA920 are the new features added to MXA920 that are not available with MXA910. They include:

  • Automatic coverage without lobe setup owing to next-generation array design.
  • More precise camera tracking owing to improved talker localization signals.
  • MXA920 comes with accessories for gripple-mount and pole-mount.
  • The DSP algorithm of the MXA920 has been significantly improved, resulting in even more excellent sound than the MXA910. 
  • Improved pickup pattern management, particularly at low frequencies, improves natural speech quality and directionality.
  • Automatic CoverageTM technology is available on the MXA920. You specify an area, and the MXA920 records all talkers within that region while ignoring outside noise.
  • You may add up to eight automated coverage zones in different room sections if you like to catch talkers just in specified regions – such as a U-shaped sitting area including a podium or a whiteboard, but not the region in between them. You can design rectangles where the talkers will be using Designer software. The MXA920 adjusts its coverage fluidly to pick up all talkers in specific locations while avoiding noises from outside.
  • To address the architectural demands of today’s meeting venues, the MXA920 is now offered in a new round form with white, aluminum, and black finishes that are paintable. MXA920 has improved mounting components, including an on-ceiling pole, in-ceiling, and wire rope mounting option for easy installation.
shure mxa920 ceiling array microphones


Customers need technologies that capture their voice organically, blend seamlessly into a room’s design, and make it simple to connect participants—no matter where they are—now more than ever. The MXA920 meets these current and developing expectations, guaranteeing simple deployment and unrivaled audio recording.

Komstadt is a leading provider of intelligent office solutions across Asia Pacific. Reach out to learn more about ceiling array microphones and other intelligent technologies for your office space.

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