Privacy Pods : Distraction-free in Public Shared Spaces

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Employees and clients can use privacy pods to collaborate, hold private meetings, and organize live-streaming or video conferences in a productive, safe, and quiet environment. It’s a game-changer. Privacy work pods create a micro-environment within the public, such as shopping malls and train stations, where users can have distraction-free time in bustling places. Privacy work pods can also be fully equipped with flexible and comfortable furniture as well as other smart office features.

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Types of Privacy Pods

Work pods can now be found in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, with telephone boxes and shades among the most common design influences.

The following are some types of pods;

1. Acoustic Pods

Noise management is a priority in the design of pods with acoustic elements. It is beneficial to have a quiet place that limits outside noise when utilizing a pod, whether for a conference, a phone conversation, or focusing on important tasks at work.

2. Mobile Pods

Some pods are equipped with features that help in mobility. Castors or wheels are one technique for accomplishing this. They are fixed on the base of the pod, which makes it easier to move them around. If you have a few pods, you can use them to create larger meetings or workspaces by bringing them together.

3. Sofa Pods

They get their name from the design. They are comfortable and provide privacy in an environment where sound is controlled. The quietness of the pod allows you to handle phone calls and concentrate on your work.

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Benefits of Privacy Pods

So why do you need privacy pods? Here are some benefits to consider:

They Provide Privacy

Pods help create an ecosystem of venues that promote quiet moments. Whether you’re looking for some peace and quiet or a place where you can chat freely without noises coming from passers-by, these pods will do the trick. If you locate a work pod that isn’t occupied, or you need some peaceful time to concentrate on that difficult report, a work pod will suffice.

Combat Unwanted Noise

Excess noise is another issue that is more prevalent as work pods became more widespread. Acoustic materials are now used in many work pods to assist in absorbing unwanted background noise. By doing that, you can concentrate on accomplishing your work on the go without distractions.

A Solution to Office Space Anywhere

Work pods are constructed in strategic places, such as metro stations, to ensure users can enjoy the comfort and convenience of a conference room or phone booth if needed while commuting from one place to another.

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Features of Privacy Pods

Desks, Wi-Fi, power outlets, lights, and USB connections are all standard in most work pods.

Other features include;

Pre-Booking System

People nowadays are looking for convenience and easy accessibility. When we arrive at a place prepared to get work done and unexpectedly encounter delays from an occupied space, it’s disappointing and we would most likely think twice about using that space again. Some companies have designed a booking system that allows customers to reserve the work pod at a date and time that is most convenient for them, so they don’t waste time and effort trying to find another workspace.

Smart Access Control

Smart access systems streamline the process, allowing property managers to more easily manage the pods and better prepare for increased demand. Additionally, it aids in providing a more seamless experience for the users.

Automated Payment Gateway

This customizable feature allows businesses to securely accept and process payments while simplifying transactions for work pod users via their preferred payment methods. The automated payment gateway then transmits all transaction information to the designated bank accounts.

UV Light Sanitization

As the impact of COVID-19 spread, people’s awareness about the use of public spaces also increased. The pandemic has altered the way we use and experience public shared space, especially if we’ll be seated in a closed-off pod for an extended amount of time. Thus, work pods can be equipped with UV light for sanitization in between uses. Others also have air conditioning that maintains comfortable temperatures and keeps the air flowing to help prevent airborne diseases from lingering inside the modular space.


Privacy Pods function as quiet, soundproof, and productive venues for ad-hoc meetings in crowded public places, such as shopping malls and metro stations, where employees may be needed to transit between sites during working hours. For more information and guidance on smart privacy pods, contact us today.

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