Network Security Trends and Challenges in 2017


Most businesses and even individual users couldn’t help but notice the increase in news stories that occurred in 2016 with regard to ransomware, data breaches and the like.  With that in mind, those organizations involved in network security are turning their attention to what will most likely be the main security issues/challenges in 2017 and how to combat them.

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For 2017, the top six network security issues and trends are as follows:

  1. Evolving malware
  2. IoT lacking robust security features
  3. Machine learning and AI to aid security
  4. Increase in SD-WAN
  5. Cloud security
  6. IPv6 traffic to escalate

As always, the more security measures become more sophisticated, so do the criminals.  Memory-resident malware is becoming more popular as many users leave their machines running continuously, providing an attractive environment for these kinds of attacks.  In addition, malware attackers are becoming increasingly interested in mobile devices because they comprise an ever-expanding playing field.

While the IoT is growing by leaps and bounds, security systems for the plethora of IoT devices now becoming available often seem lagging behind in maturity.  There is a general push in the tech world to start using AI and machine learning to help combat security issues.  Although still in its infancy, it does show promise to help in combating the increasing frequency and complexity of security attacks.

Gartner is predicting a continued increase in the use of software-defined wide area networks or SD-WAN.  SD-WANs have the ability to manage multiple connections and bind them together to make a single bundled link that is stronger than each one individually.  This, along with its simple interface for managing a WAN and other streamlined characteristics, provides the control and ease of use companies are looking for.  Cloud security will for the most part tighten for organizations.  However, those companies who continue to be lax about their on-premise data security will probably operate likewise in the cloud, therefore they can probably expect some data breaches.

Lastly, IPv6 traffic will continue to double and accelerate as IPv4 is nearing its peak.

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