Room Booking Systems: Why You Need Evoko

Evoko Liso

Room Booking Systems are a boon for offices – it keeps businesses organized and meetings relaxed, while still keeping record of everyday activities and schedules in an organized way. Room management is a difficult job, but with a good room booking system in place, it makes processes run that much smoother when having business collaboration. Let’s see the benefits of booking systems below!

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Room booking systems such as Evoko are perfect for businesses of every size. Through its system, hassle-free bookings are easily made through its touch-screen solutions for meetings room. In Evoko systems, beauty meets functionality to make a truly efficient product. Rather than dealing with double-booked rooms, interrupted meetings and the ensuing confusion, Evoko streamlines the booking process to keep offices organized seamlessly. It is also able to integrate with existing email services, adding valuable data on meeting patterns for full office optimization.


Evoko systems are easy to use, and there is no training required to implement into offices. The screen’s red or green LED illumination immediately shows whether rooms are vacant or not. Meetings are booked directly on the LED screens for impromptu meetings, and also provide overview of room resources and schedules. Its seamless integration with existing email servers means that there is no additional software or training required. Meetings are also booked easily through calendar software by adding the room to the calendar appointment, or through a smart phone or tablet  in the same manner.

Evoko is secure, reliable and most importantly – easy to learn and manage room booking software that offices should definitely consider implementing. By utilizing an efficient room booking system, businesses are able to free up resources and time without losing functionality or practicality.

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