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Have your been searching for something that will help bringing clarity in company meetings and enhancing efficiency in your team collaboration processes ?  If so, you might want to consider the wireless presentation system called ClickShare.  ClickShare helps employees increase productivity and creativity levels by allowing them to share both graphical and audio information through their device to others.  In essence, it operates as an ad-hoc network for a user’s screen. Let’s learn more about ClickShare as follow:

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ClickShare devices only require a user to attach a specially designed button to a USB port.  ClickShare can attach to most of the devices we use everyday, like smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. One advantage of ClickShare is that there is no software needed to be downloaded, unless smart phone users prefer to use the free ClickShare app — available on both the Android and iOS operating systems as well.


Once enabled, users can show whatever information they would like on a main presentation screen and play audio information as well.  It requires no training to use and is extremely intuitive.  It truly is as easy as just clicking on a button.  Users also have a choice of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz wireless bands and video can play at speeds up to 30fps.  ClickShare units range from stand-alone units that allow for 1 plug-in user button, to models that allow up to four user plug-in buttons at a time with either a stand-alone model or a network integrated unit.

Barco’s ClickShare collaboration button is surpassing all its competitors, with unit sales crossing over 150,000 users in mid-2016.  Please contact us for more information regarding ClickShare and understand why ClickShare becomes the leader in collaboration technology nowadays.

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