The Huddly ONE Kit – Work From Anywhere at Anytime

Huddly ONE Cover FINAL (1200x650)

Today’s professionals often require a great deal of flexibility in terms of their workspaces. Whether they’re working remotely from home or out in the field, or if they’re working while living or traveling outside of the country, they need to have everything a traditional office space would have, especially a robust mechanism for video conferencing. The Huddly ONE — Work From Anywhere kit offers just that. The Huddly ONE camera kit is lightweight and super-portable, yet it enables premiere, high-quality video conferencing at any time and from anywhere, all through a simple laptop or desktop PC along with an internet connection.

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A worthwhile technology tool will deliver a useful, flawless performance while a tool designed for on-the-go use will make sure it operates in the most convenient way possible. The Huddly ONE camera accomplishes both of these objectives. It was designed with multiple features that make it almost effortless to participate in on-the-go video meetings. These features include:

  • Portrait lighting that uses AI to automatically adjust exposure
  • Desktop framing that automatically defaults to a one-person audience
  • Dynamic light optimization
  • Visual noise filtering
  • Auto-flip of upside-down images
  • Tilt/Pan/Zoom features
  • Real-time, wide-angle image de-warping
  • Enables onboard intelligent features through a machine learning platform
  • Utilizes a CNN (convolutional neural network) to detect people, objects, and visual patterns

The Hardware

The Huddly ONE is thoughtfully optimized for one-on-one video conferencing. It’s small, lightweight, and portable, yet delivers the high-performance one expects even if their video meetings are smaller in scale. It comes with all the necessary hardware including a USB tether, an embedded mounting hinge, as well as a camera tripod mount. The Huddly ONE work kit is compatible with both Macs and Windows PCs. It is also certified as compatible with Microsoft Teams and works with Google Meet and Zoom as well. The Huddly ONE is thoughtfully designed with the future in mind, possessing AI capabilities that allow it to learn and get smarter over time with general use, as well through new intelligent releases and periodic enhancements.   

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The Huddly ONE Experience

Imagine making a great impression from your home office or hotel room using the Huddly ONE camera. With no moving parts, it works silently in the background, delivering high-quality, professional video conferencing results that put you and your immediate surroundings in the best light. By automatically framing you using a default zoom level and automatically adjusting for poor lighting conditions, the Huddly ONE camera keeps you and your commentary, front and center. The Huddly ONE camera automatically filters out any distracting visual noise, while also utilizing its AI features to present your facial features and expressions in the best possible manner. 

The Huddly ONE camera also has features that make showing physical objects and documentation easier to see through the use of its digital zooming, tilting, and panning features (up to 4 times). Working in physically challenging conditions? That’s not a problem for the Huddly ONE. With its ability to automatically flip images even if the camera is mounted upside down, workers can still communicate, collaborate and present information even in a physically challenging work environment. The Huddly ONE also automatically accounts for wide-angle images, allowing viewers to see even 360° perspectives from a true-to-life viewpoint. 

A Device With The Future in Mind

Beyond the ability to deliver superb video conferencing in a variety of different physical settings, one of the great features of the Huddly ONE is its forward-looking AI capabilities. With its machine-learning capabilities, along with intelligent feature releases in the future, those choosing to invest in a Huddly ONE kit can expect it to deliver useful features and capabilities.

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