Smart Huddle Rooms With The Cisco Webex Room Kit Mini

Cisco Room Kit Mini

The Cisco WebEx Room Kit Mini is a small but powerful AI driven conferencing solution designed with huddle rooms and conference room in mind! It is a self-contained unit that combines codec, camera, microphones, and speakers into an easy to use device. Once integrated with a 4K display the Room Kit Mini will take any huddle room to the next level.

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Why The Cisco Webex Room Kit Mini?

The Room Kit Mini is a perfect solution for smaller huddle rooms. The camera has a 120-degree field of vision, ideal for spaces meant for three to five people. It offers a variety of new features making it a fantastic tool for smarter collaboration.

Smart Meetings

The wide-angle camera recognizes individuals through their mobile device and will wake upon room entry. It also provides ideal framing during conference calls. The high-end audio components paired with the automatic noise reduction ensure crystal clear sound and scheduled meetings can be prompted with the push of a single button.

Smart Presentations

Presentations are a breeze thanks to integration with Cisco’s whiteboard hardware and the Webex Teams™ app. 4K, wired, and wireless content sharing are supported.

Smart Room

The Room Kit Mini improves resource planning by counting the people present. It supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and has automatic display integration. Other smart tools such as blinds and lights are controllable via the included Cisco Touch 10, streamlining the conferencing experience.

Smart Platform Options

Registration is flexible. It is optimized to run on the cloud through Cisco Webex but can be set up using an on-premises server as well. The Room Kit Mini is compatible with third-party vendors, such as Skype, so that you can connect with more than the proprietary software.

Setting Up The Webex Room Kit Mini

The best thing about the Room Kit Mini is the easy setup. There is no shortage of support and documentation for the products in the Room Kit series. We referred to the Webex Room Kit install guide for this quick walkthrough.

The default kit includes everything you need to get started aside from the display. First, mount the mediabar to the wall using the wall mount kit (or the screen using the screen mount kit, sold separately). Next, connect the HDMI, network and power cables. The Touch controller supports both wired and Wi-Fi setup. Then, register the unit with an on-premises server or utilize Cisco’s cloud-based service. The cloud registration is as simple as adding the device in the Webex Control Hub online and then using a generated code to pair the camera to the cloud. Lastly, follow the setup wizard on the connected display. To help ensure that the Room Kit Mini is functioning properly do a test call and use the opportunity to adjust the camera angle for perfect viewing.

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