Smart Technology to Enhance Your Business in Asia


Whether you are small volunteer organization or a fortune 500 company technology is a part of your life. From collaboration, meeting management, and scheduling smart technology keeps your business/organization running smoothly in your digital life. Take a look at some of Hong Kong’s most popular smart office technology that would be a great addition to your business/organization.

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Room Booking Systems – Evoko Liso


The Evoko Liso Room Manager allows you to use your current digital calendar or the screen to book your ideal meeting room. The search feature will help you narrow down your choices based on size and equipment. Booking multiple rooms and groups has never been easier with the analytical feature on the web-based Evoko Home. By tracking meeting patterns Evoko Liso assists you in choosing the perfect room for every meeting. Red and green lights alert you of a room’s availability at a glance preventing double booking. Evoko Liso even allows you to book, extend, or end a meeting directly from the clock. 

Business offices, schools, government agencies, and any organization that plans any conferencing or workshops can benefit from the Evoko Lisa Room Manager. There is a one-time cost per unit with no licensing or subscription fees. In addition to support, they include all needed hardware and software.

Ceiling Microphone for Boardroom – Microflex Advance Ceiling Array


Put an end to huddling around the table microphone and ensure that you are heard loud and clear. The revolutionary microphone ceiling panel utilizes up to eight beams to capture audio from overhead. The focus is automatically adjusted toward each voice with the Steerable Coverage. With multiple mounting options, sizes, colors, and compatibility the panels will be a welcome addition to any meeting room.

Collaboration Tool – Crestron Mercury


If you are looking for an affordable way to collaborate between conference rooms the Creston Mercury is for you!  The all-in-one tabletop device is a UC and AV system that works with any web collaboration application making working together seamless regardless of conferencing application and location.


  • Full open SIP conference phone
  • Room scheduling
  • One-touch joins
  • Pairs with mobile phones
  • Mute indicator
  • Wireless presentation with AirMedia
  • High-quality microphone & speaker
  • Usage data & automation with occupancy sensor

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