The Shure STEM Ecosystem: Easy to Install, Easy to Use

We live in an amazing period in history where technology seems to be improving at an exponential rate. Ideas that we didn’t think could be possible – and ones we never even thought of – are becoming commonplace in every aspect of our lives. One place where technology has made itself at home is in the corporate setting. The STEM Ecosystem is the next evolution of office technology, and its benefits are nearly endless. 

What Makes Up the Ecosystem

The Shure STEM Ecosystem combines equipment that can be mixed and matched to meet your conference needs. All or some of these devices will take your next conference call to an elite level. 


As with any good ecosystem, the STEM ecosystem has multiple speaker options to suit your specific needs. The most basic speaker is the STEM speaker, and it is designed to bring whole room audio to any room. Then there are the hybrid speakers – starting with the STEM table comparable to popular home assistants. Instead of telling you the weather, the STEM table creates a conference call experience that allows everyone at the table to hear and be heard in crystal clear quality. For larger rooms, the STEM Wall mounts to the wall and has fifteen built-in microphones to pick up sound from any part of the room while projecting clear sound back to the whole room. 


Microphones are built into a couple of speaker options, but the STEM Ecosystem is diverse, so every possible situation is covered. If you need more or different options for your microphones during conference calls, look no further than the STEM Ceiling. This innovative product is easy to install from the ceiling – hence the name – and offers 360-degree sound coverage for most rooms. 

The Heart and Soul

These features are fantastic, but they are nothing if you can’t control them, which is where the STEM Hub and Control come in. With multiple devices needing to play nice with each other, you’ll need a central hub to connect them all.  The Hub ensures that the STEM devices and other additions to your ecosystem will all work together properly. While the Hub connects everything, the Control makes it all work at your fingertips. A single console allows you to control everything in the STEM Ecosystem from one place, making for easy adjustments on the fly. 

The Technical Stuff

An ecosystem like this seems a little intimidating at first glance, but the STEM system is pretty self-explanatory. Although it is getting better in a synchronized world, one of the biggest fears regarding technology is spending money to find out that the new tech is not compatible with your legacy systems. The STEM Ecosystem works with your favorite video conferencing software, and it is all run from the security of your home network. Setting up the ecosystem is not something that you’ll need your IT team for either. Install all or your chosen parts of the ecosystem in the room, then plug the hub into your network. From there, you will need to assign your controller to the room and make sure that all of your devices are showing up on the controller. When everything shows it is connected, your ecosystem should be ready for your first conference call. 

Work Life-Changing Technology

It is no secret that the way we work has changed a lot in the last few years, and a combination of people working remotely and a global workforce make it more important than ever to have clear and uninterrupted virtual meetings. With the STEM Ecosystem, you won’t have to worry about choppy meetings with a lot of repetition because everyone will be heard clearly the first time. One last benefit of this system is its sleek design and forward-thinking will give your company a high-end appearance. 

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