Three Reasons You Should be Using the Logitech Spotlight


Presenting information on a screen with a laser pointer has become a thing of the past. With Logitech’s Spotlight Wireless Presentation Remoteyou can take your enterprise presentations to the next level, giving your slides more visibility and range than they’ve ever had before. Here are the three most important things to know about the Logitech Spotlight:

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Pointer Features Unlike Any Other Device

Every standard screen pointer can do the basics: move from one slide to the next or back if necessary, create a small red laser dot to point to certain parts of the screen, and possibly even have control of the mouse.

With only a three-button interface, the Logitech Spotlight can all of that and more, eradicating the need for a red laser pointer and instead bringing to the table the ability to “highlight” certain areas of the screen and magnify information from as far away as 100 feet. Gesture-controlled scrolling caps off the list of functionality that makes Spotlight such a unique presentation tool.

Universal Compatibility

No matter what processor or presentation software you prefer, Logitech Spotlight and its companion app work with all of it. Spotlight can be used on Windows or Mac, and is compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint, Keynote, PDF, Google Slide, and Prezi presentations.

It also connects with either a USB receiver or low energy Bluetooth, meaning that across departments or even companies, your Logitech Spotlight is going to be ready for any situation or software.

Custom Controls and Time Management

Logitech Spotlight understands that everyone’s mind operates differently, and therefore offers the ability for its users to customize the buttons and slide times to their liking. Not only can the Spotlight create a custom countdown timer to be displayed on the screen of the presenter, it also sends mild vibrations to the device that alert the presenter even when their focus is on the audience.

Create a presentation that looks professional and guide your audience through it with the capabilities and functionality of the Logitech Spotlight technology. Enhance, highlight, and magnify to perfectly discuss your presentation topics while being able to answer every question that’s thrown your way.


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